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    Jordan is having puppies

    Sorry I've been kind of a stranger to chaz the last few days, I've been a little busy.... Thanks bestest buddy Romy for saving my butt and keeping folks updated :D Just how cool is Romy you might ask? She brought Reeses peanut butter cups to our little whelping party! The sugar sustained us...
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    Smooth Collie pictures!

    Nice puppies! Sage has a beautiful rear and I love the expression on Chip. Flint does come off as a confident male, I love it. Very nice! Congrats on such lovely puppies :)
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    Fresh shots of Kaia

    AAWWwwwwwww.... You need to bring Kaia and her "kid" out to visit when we have the puppies. I want some hugs!
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    I hate seeing this happen.

    @Saeleofu- Yeah sounds like Logan takes after Loki. Loki has a cowboy hat and bandana as well as some cute red fleece chaps that I made for him for halloween last year. He was not impressed, to say the least....he's known 'round these parts as cowboy I actually have waterproof...
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    Whelping Boxes

    Collie Whelping Box Here is a picture of the whelping box we designed. The corners, or "seats" are removeable and all of the sides come apart with hinge pins for easy storage. It's made from a sturdy, lightweight plywood that has been sanded and coated with multiple layers of verithane so...
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    my collie

    signs of bitches coming into heat Collies generally have their season anywhere from 6 months to a year. In my experience they are also pretty consistant. For example, if my bitch had her first season at 9 months, her second (and thereafter) season is usually 8-9 months. One of the first...
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    Wire haired pointed Griffon

    Yo Romy- Don't forget the muddy mud skipper part! I FINALLY got the outside of my puppy shed cleaned off LMAO...... Did you know there where paw prints almost to the top?!? 8 foot tall shed people. Sheesh, Tiggers' got nothing on Charlie :)
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    Dotty has Puppy Mange

    I had a collie puppy with mange. Collies and many other breeds are extremely sensitive to Ivermectin and other drugs. So, I let his immune system fight it on it's own but I also did a couple of things to help. First, I switched to a wheat, soy, corn free food (I feed Diamond brand). Mites...
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    Logan's Training Log

    YIPEE A BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuart and I sit down and read it everyday. We LOVE it! It's kinda helped us deal with letting him go. Please keep it up, it's a wonderful gift to everyone. I love the way you share his personality too. I totally get it of course, having raised the bugger...
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    This is what I always see on the way to my parents' house...

    W O W! LMAO!!!!!!!! sniff......too funny.....
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    How does one go about finding a job halfway across the country?

    Move here then look jobs? :) You have a place to stay anywayz. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll help out however I can. That is, if you're still planning on moving to this area? ;)
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    So today, Logan is a...

    Yeah, I think my fav so far that someone pulled outta their *#@ was a "whippet great dane". Yeah..... really people?
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    Pictures of Collies and the Borzois who want to be like them ;)

    Thanks everyone! I cherish every one of my dogs. I am especially fond of "Gater" Gala :) (she likes to snick her teeth when she's playing, it's super cute). She just got a new "little brother" to play with today. Pic's soon.... ;)
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    Pictures of Collies and the Borzois who want to be like them ;)

    Yeah I know what you mean. One of these things is not like the other.......
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    It's so nice to see more working collies! Yay smoothies! Yay you! If only others knew just how...

    It's so nice to see more working collies! Yay smoothies! Yay you! If only others knew just how much fun they are to "work" with :)