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    2016 Official Secret Santa Thread

    I guess I should have added the usual info: Dog Name(s): Watson and Menchi Favourite toys: Soft, squishy ball shaped toys, kongs, work to eat type toys Disliked toys: tennis balls Favourite treats: Bully sticks, duck feet, bison jerky Allergies or treats they can't have: nothing made in china...
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    2016 Official Secret Santa Thread

    I am here :D
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    Mama's Home

    That is adorable :)
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    What are your dogs' quirks?

    Watson has too many quirks to count... I think it comes from being born a basenji :D He must be covered by a blanket when sleeping even on hot nights. Thou shalt not touch the cinnamon bun tail! Toys must be soft, squishy, and round, or they die instantly. The list goes on... Menchi will not...
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    How is everyone?

    We are good here in the land of cheese and beer. Watson the basenji and Menchi the Shar Pei go on adventures with their friends occasionally and the stories get told on ye ole blog. Soon we will head to the Midwest Chaz Meetup, which is in the Chicagoland area in June. Other than that I...
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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    My neighborhood is pretty good. Our across the street neighbors have a sweet little cocker spaniel that often toddles around the yard with them. He is pretty well trained and they take good care of him. One of my neighbors is a cat lady who has several wonderful cats (I occasionally take...
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    Gorilla Boy

    He such a good looking guy :)
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    Lark's next litter

    Sending puppy vibes!
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    Some stripey dog pics, just because...

    I do love me some brindle dogs :)
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Really, you guys?" is often used. "knock it off" when they are being jerks "Are you a good girl?" and "muffin" (her nickname) are the things I probably say to Menchi most often. "What's up?" is probably what Watson get most often since he will come up and put his paw on my arm or nudge...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    Add me to the people that advocate outcrossing and open stud books. Genetic diversity people learn it, live it, love it! We have genetically bottlenecked pretty much all of our dog breeds outcrossing is the only way to fix some of the sadness and misery we have created!!! I am not a big...
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Moth/Misha Occupation: Lab Technician Age: 43 (most of you guys make me feel like an old lady :D) About your dog(s): Watson is a 5 year old basenji. He is my clever boy... so smart, but he loves to use his powers mostly for evil. He is also a champion snuggler...
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Watson: clever, pushy, energetic Menchi: sweet, joyous, exuberant
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    Dekka pics

    Happy Birthday to Miss Dekka <3
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    Lark's next litter

    Woohoo...more adorable Lark babies to watch grow. Solo has really grown into a stunning boy :)