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    Looking for Dog Beds

    Hey, guys! I think I found the right bed for my new dog. I saw these couch-style bolster dog beds when I was searching online. What do you think? It says that it's perfect for summer and winter season. I'm open for more suggestions, though.
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    Looking for Dog Beds

    Someone told me that bolster dog beds are great for providing a cozy and secure place for your dog to call his own. Did anyone use a bolster dog beds before for their dog?
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    Remember, that whenever they ate these harmful foods you should give them an activated charcoal. It is commonly used for fighting the toxic or poison.
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    Advice for dog with Leukemia

    Give her a Virgin Coconut oil, it's all natural and at least will make your dog healthy.
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    Looking for Dog Beds

    My dog is always sleeping on the floor, I felt guilty because I know it is hard for him and not very comfortable. That is why I'm looking for an appropriate Dog bed for an 80 lbs Labrador.
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    My dog got a Parvo Virus

    You can also give the dogs a Virgin Coconut Oil because it is good for the digestive and respiratory system. It can help in the killing of parasites and other bacteria. But do not give too much because it might cause diarrhea.
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    What is the best training- dog for security purposes?

    Can you suggest me the breeds of dog that is well-train for security?
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    I want to do a cross breed

    Can you give me a suggestion on how to breed a large dog? I'm thinking of a Kangal and a Pit bull or Kangal and a Bull Mastiff. What do you think guys?
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    Top breeds of playful dogs?

    Try also a Labrador, I got one and is really playful.
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    Need help selecting a Breed that suits me

    I think what you need is a Labrador. It fits all your description
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    My dogs been acting weird I think my step dad is raping her....

    I think your dad just hit her and got her injured.
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    When he was young
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    My dog got a Parvo Virus

    2 weeks ago my dog got infected with Parvo virus. I check all the symptoms of Parvo and she got everything. I went to the Vet and sadly she explained to me everything regarding dogs who got infected by Parvo. It's like she's telling to pray. I did not lose hope and began searching for any...