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    Long time, no see. Haven't logged in in ages. Need to update my avatar at some point. :)
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    Boooo!!! :D

    Boooo!!! :D
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    A papillon and her duck

    Great pics of Cali. She's an adorable one. :D
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    How is everyone?

    How are you and your dogs doing? What have you been up to? I thought I should start a thread since it's quiet here. Myself and the two mutts are doing fine. I still go on plenty of hikes with my collie. She's doing great and so is Pumpkin. I found some new trails to go on with her. It's a good...
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    What are your dogs' quirks?

    My collie loves to eat her food slowly piece by piece while lying down on the floor. Lazy dog. :D She has a favorite spot on my bedroom floor where she likes to rest. Pumpkin has his favorite couch which he sleeps on almost exclusively. :D
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    New Camera = Some Crystal and Hero Pictures

    Hero and Crystal are gorgeous dogs. Love all the pics you've posted. :)
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    New look

    I do like not having to answer random questions too. :D
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    New look

    Still not sure how I feel about the new look but I do like the fact that Chaz finally has the "likes". :D
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    New look

    I like the fact Chaz finally has a "like" button. :D
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    New look

    This new design and look will take me some time to get used to. :D
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    What happened?

    I visit this site occasionally but I mostly seem to post on FB now. I miss the forum. FB is not 100% the same as Chaz. About the only reason I'm even on FB is to keep in contact with all the people from Chaz and other dog people.
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I personally would find it less awkward if people just used the bathroom for whatever sex they dress as/identify as. In fact, it's very possible that I have already walked by someone in a bathroom that's transgender at some point in my life and I was totally oblivious to it. There's no way I'd know.
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    I guess it's time to reveal Owen's Halloween costume...

    Owen doesn't mind the costume. He looks like a sweet boy. :D
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    Sawyer the almost-adult

    What an adorable dog. He's a cute one. Gorgeous pics of him. Sawyer has definitely grown. :D
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    Happy 1 Year, Hank!

    Gorgeous pics of the handsome boy. He looks like quite a character. :D