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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Can't believe my little boy is only 9 months. He's going through another "chew all the things" phase, which I've been here questioning myself why he keeps chewing on random stuff, and then I remember he's not an old fuddy-duddy like everyone else. He is helping us get through the hoard of toys...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Any type of dog can compete, it's what you want to get out of it that you win or lose. On our worst runs I find something good, or cheer Kiba on for her attempt. Also a Schnauzer whom I've been mocked at for even running because she's not a "Papillon, Shelter, or BC".
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: Mere Occupation: Animal Care Technician = I work at an animal shelter Age: 31 About your dog(s): Kiba (11.5yrs), Stryder (10yrs) and Nimbus (5yrs) are all Miniature Schnauzers, Lincoln (7yrs) the Miniature Poodle, Charlie (6yrs) the Colliwog, and Ollie (10mnths) the...
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    Spin off: have you ever adopted/kept a dog using your heart exclusively?

    Lincoln was picked from the heart. Saw his picture and knew I had to have him. Practically unemployed I made it work. He's such a weirdo sometimes and naughty as hell but he's mine and I love him to bits. I let Nimbus onto the bed one night when I fostered her. Stuck her in a little dog bed...
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    The Truth will be Discovered

    Which test kit did you use? Some day I want to do Charlie and Ollie if I found some that aren't going to break the bank. Ollie is it least known part shih-tzu.
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    The one that got away?

    There are two. Pirate, a little terrier mix. I would've kept him besides the fact that he'd bite anyone but me and had an even stronger taste for children. We transferred him to a JRT rescue and he was adopted by one of the workers at the daycare center they'd bring foster dogs to. The other...
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    Those with multiple dogs...

    Kiba hated Stryder at first, but eventually ended up loving him and they would play a lot together. Tsuki & Lincoln I got at the same time and they'd chose to play with each other more often than with the Schnauzers. Added Charlie, her favorites were Lincoln and Stryder to play with (I...
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    Owen my be a hoarder, but...

    Ollie is a hoarder too, though he brings all of his up in the bed. I'm constantly rolling over on them in the middle of the night. I think he lays on me when I sleep and plays with them.
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    Tips for a New Puppy? Intact Male

    I've found it varies from dog to dog. Stryder, neutered at 2.5, will pee on anything and everything outside. He'll try to mark inside pet stores. Caught him once lifting his leg on something in the house at 8 months and we had a nice chat, and he's never attempted since. He will do the teeth...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Years and years ago the dogs (Kiba and Stryder) used to be out front on tie outs to go potty before we built the fence. Every time they'd come back in they'd get a cookie. Here it's been at least six years and they'll still stand on the bench to get one whenever they make it out into the mudroom.
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    Sawyer the almost-adult

    Awwww I just love Sawyer and what you guys have done together so far. I iz sending you Ollie, who's about the same age, and you can teach him stuffs too.
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    Immediately off-putting

    I think it doesn't help that terriers in general have a much stiffer appearance and most dogs that aren't used to that become a bit wary.
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Ollie's almost 4.5 months and is getting HUGE!... I need to get some updated pictures of him. Housetraining is still an issue, but he is holding it for a lot longer and starting to signal, getting bells for the door this weekend to help... he needs to be housebroken before winter or I'm going to...
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    The Venting Thread

    Stress levels are going to send me into a mental break. No joke. Need a new car, need a new chicken coop, need a second job or something else in life has to give before my brain does. :mad:
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Finally did the paperwork and adopted Ollie. Then Lincoln bit him in the face last night (he bit his owchy ear) and then he got his collar stuck in his mouth at work today. SERIOUSLY dog... at least we got 30 day insurance for him. Housebreaking is going... alright. He's holding it longer...