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    Great new pics!

    My little baby has gotten so big! Even though he is still a puppy! Bunk the Pug
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    Bunk makes a friend (pics!)

    Great news! A friend of our let us take care of her dog for a couple of days and Bunk didn't completely freak out! Haha :P While Bunk wasn't an angel he did behave himself much better than he normally does :mrgreen: Check out some of the pics here as well as some good laughs. Lady and Bunk
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    sleeping through the night

    Our pug was able to sleep through the night when we first got him at 14 weeks. I don't know if that helps though.
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    Ugh. I waited so long for this puppy...

    I would go to the vet. But then again I'm a little over protective...
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    Very Scared Puppy

    We just got finished with a play date between with 7 month old pug and our friend's dogs, which is a little over a year old and 8 pounds. Bunk has a history of being bad with other dogs, so we decided to get together with someone we trust and her dog in an attempt to get Bunk more comfortable...
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    Picking up Poop

    I am almost militant about picking up poop and have even ratted out a couple of my neighbors. I is really frustrating though because we have so much open space in our complex, yet I fear constantly that either me or Bunk will step in poop. There are so many people with dogs in our complex and it...
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    Picking up Poop

    Who here has either forgotten to pick up their dog's poop or purposely didn't pick it up. This is a big issue in my apartment complex and I'm just curious to hear what people say. While I can't recall any time when I didn't pick up after Bunk, I do occasionally toss his poop back towards the...
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    Let me see your fit dogs!

    Bunk drinking Starbucks. Sorry, but he takes after his owners :D
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    Unhealthy breeds

    Pug are pretty bad. We have been lucky so far with ours, but he's still been to the vet quite a few times. He is currently sleeping right next to me and snoring louder than a train.
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    Problem With Dog Walker

    This issue is not actually with our regular-dog walker, but the dog-walker's boss who walked our dog today. We own a 6 1/2 month old pug named Bunk. He is crazy and weird and we love him to death. :mrgreen: Today, I received a text from our dog-walker's boss (he owns the dog-walking...
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    Why does poop smell?

    Just wanted to give everyone an update: My girlfriend town for 10 days and Bunk's poop stopped smelling and had better consistency. Guess she was feeding him a bunch of treats behind my back ; )
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    Trick or Treat?

    Is it a trick? Or is it a treat? Look inside to find out..methinks it might be both. Pug Trick or Treat :yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes:
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    Spending too much time with my pug?

    I dreamt last night that that I was playing with a big fat fawn pug...what is wrong with me? My girlfriend alo told me that in the ten days that she has been away from home she has dreamt about our pug almost ever night...what is wrong with her?
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    Why does poop smell?

    Thanks again for all of the useful advice. I find it so interesting when I seen dog poop that takes a really long time to decompose, and I can't imagine what their owners are feeding them. I've also noticed that Bunk's poop has better texture when we feed him carrots, but it also makes it smell...
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    Why does poop smell?

    Our puppy eats Blue puppy chow, which I hear is pretty good. Is vegetarianism common in dogs?