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    Gift suggestions

    Between my sister and I - what with kids, grandkids, godkids, best friends and best friends kids, etc. - have 14 December/January birthdays to take care of in addition to Christmas. So this year I decided to do gift certificates to favorite places - Best Buy, Toys R Us, Claires. So far it has...
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    What is your auto issurance company?

    Mercury here. Not sure how they are with claims because I haven't had one. I pay about $70 a month for an '06 Toyota Matrix. I'm seriously considering switching over to AAA even if it does cost a bit more because I like the fact that if you break down or run out of gas somewhere they actually...
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    So what is the past tense of "ding"?

    I think it's one of those words that no matter what you say, it just doesn't sound right. Could you say "It rang?" My oldest son used to have friend whose last name was Foote and I always wondered if that was your name, would you say "We're the Footes" or "We're the Feet?" They both just sound...
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    Are places putting christmas decorations up to early****

    We can always count on Wal-Mart to start putting the Christmas stuff up around Labor Day.
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    Flies in the yard

    End of summer, early fall - fly season in California. As soon as it starts to cool down really well the flies should disappear. Also, the heat etc. from the fires could be disturbing their little fly cycles.
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    ppfffftttt stupid people

    I don't have a lot of confidence in spell check, since I notice it doesn't accept the abbreviations of the states or measurements, it always thinks I have my own street spelled wrong and it doesn't catch misuse of a word. I just feel better using a dictionary.
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    Best way to cook tomatoes??

    I've never cooked them. I pick up a ball of fresh Mozzarella cheese at Trader Joes' and just alternate sliced tomatoes with slices of cheese and a bit of fresh basil, then drizzle it all with a little olive oil.
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    House Prices - wowzer.

    Be glad you aren't in CA. A typical tract house w/3 bdms. & 2 baths goes for roughly 1/2 million. That, believe it or not, is pretty much the median price for a house in CA now.
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    Anyone else have joint pain like this??

    See if you can get a referral to a rheumatologist. Their specialty is diseases of the bones and joints - you could be getting early onset arthritis. Whatever it is, it sounds like you need a specialist and not a GP. If it is arthritis, or some other joint/cartilage problem, there are all kinds...
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    Help! My Mother is difficult!!

    I can understand why she feels the way she does about changing planes, but it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. Usually you're changing to a different plane on the same airline, so you really don't have to go too far when you deplane. All you really have to do is look for the...
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    Am I the only practicing Catholic on this forum??

    I'm not all that this is true. My parents (Catholic mom, Baptist dad) got married back in the 40s and she certainly continued to receive the sacraments. Nobody ever told her she shouldn't or couldn't.
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    Am I the only practicing Catholic on this forum??

    My parents didn't do any bible quoting. It was crazy enough in the house I grew up in just being raised by an Irish Catholic mom and a Georgia Baptist dad. I never knew what my paternal grandmother was more upset about - the fact that her son married a Catholic or the fact that he married a Yankee.
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    Any good French Recipes you wanna share?

    Other than French dressing on the French fires, my mind is blank. You could just throw a roast in a slow cooker, dump a bottle of French dressing on it and cook it on low for 6 hours - then give it a French name.
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    To all the Christian Chazzers...

    Just my $.02, but I think paradise (or heaven if you prefer) will be a different experience for everybody. We don't all enjoy the same things here, so why would we all expect to enjoy the same hereafter? If you are a dog lover here, you'll be surrounded by dogs there - otherwise it wouldn't be...
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    Need some help...

    Aren't a lot of those flat screen TVs actually made to hang on the wall if you want?