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    Scottie Lover

    I have a 7 year old white Scottie who is my heart and best friend .We are togeather 24 - 7 He is a wonderful watch dog and very protective of me . He is my 4th Scottie. He is the first white one i have had,and he is beautiful.I was curious if any one else had a scottie and what do you think of...
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    What breed do you have?

    what breed do you have I have a scottish terrier .I think they are wonderful ! I have had 4 of them in my life time.3 black and 1 white .I have a white one now he is 4 and my baby .They are a lot of fun and very protective of his family.Loves walks and games and really loves to run .My scotty...
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'YEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!'

    I want one ! that is the cutest puppy iv'e seen in a long time . Thank you for sharing
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    Pet Insurance

    I firmly believe in pet insurance ! My last dog died from cancer and if it wasn't for the insurance ..i would had to put him down.The cost of the treatment was well over $1500. They paid for most of it .and I was able to keep my pup for 6 more months.I have VPI insurance and would never be...
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Super Puppy'

    what a sweetie
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Computer Whizz'

    Did I do that ? so cute
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Zion's Sun Devil'

    Beauty in motion.Love you're picture
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Kit bag hide'

    He is sure a cutie .
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Sparky's 2nd birthday'

    My scottie ( corey ) was 3 in March .They are so precious . I took him to Mc Donalds for his BD.He sure loved that hamburger pattie.
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    Frisky Pup

    Hidog Lovers , Was Wondering If There Is Any Terrier Lovers Out There. Scotish Terries .they Are My Favorite.
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    Comment by 'MARY JANE' in media 'Max, bouvier puppy at 6 weeks'

    What a sweet puppy. He is so cute.
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    Active pup

    How can i stop my dog from eating grass?Ive changed his diet ang started giving him vitamins.,But he still goes after the grass.He had a older dog who he worshiped teach him all about eating grass. aait would be ok if it was once i awhile ,but every time i have him out i have to stand over...