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    Masters dissertation on canine behaviour

    Hello everyone, I am currently studying an MRes in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Hartpury College. I would like to invite you to take part in my masters dissertation research study looking at public opinions on dog behaviour and their willingness to adopt the animal. The questionnaire consists...
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    Would you say something to the owner about their dog being fat?

    Just pondering this question after seeing one of our neighbours on our walk, with a dog that is severely overweight. My bitch is overweight by around 2kg. The vet has assured us that her weight is fine and that she's one of the very few labs she sees that isn't massively overweight, but I'd...
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    Why do dogs misbehave?

    So dogs know when they do something wrong. Im having a problem with Molly. She knows when shes done something wrong, if we go out and she does it. She cowers and wont come near us when we come in. If she hasnt done it that day, when we come in shes her normal waggy tail pleases to meet us...
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    How to catch a wee wee

    Pheebs has started fear peeing again so picked up a sample bottle from the vets to make sure it's not a UTI. She's prone to infections so we've done this a lot :Shifty but getting a decent sample to test properly has proved impossible in the past. We get a few dribbles that they can just about...
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    Over exited puppy

    Hi all I have a cross shitzu jack Russel he's 9 months old he's neutered! He's far from a nasty dog but he gets really exited when playing I've tried to calm him down before I let him off his lead but this makes no odds at all. Most people are fine but some can be a bit funny as he grabs there...