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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    Misha - just a name my husband always liked and she was named as we drove back in the car... Ben - we were not planning to keep him (he was a stray) and I thought if I called him Ben he would respond well to a new Spanish owner (ven aqui = come here).
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    Lesson from a Dying Wolfhound

    Kids definitely see the obvious things we've forgotten, or never looked for........***sniff****
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    Any Airedale puppy owners?

    Aww, thanks Grammy!! Very true about owners and breeders!! I also think Airedales also can get nippy if they get bored, and they certainly like to show their teeth a lot - sometimes I feel like we live with a crocodile, lol. My sister has one living next door to her in the UK and it just...
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    Any Airedale puppy owners?

    Congratulations on getting your Airedale! I agree with everything you've said, they can be hard work, but wonderful too - I don't don't know what we would do without our girl....unfortunately in Spain I've only met one other Airedale owner - thank goodness for the internet!
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    Which Book

    A Clockwork Orange is my vote - I studied both book and film at uni although I've not seen the whole film version as it was withdrawn in the UK at the time.
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    How You Make People Feel

    Thanks Renee, that's a good one, it really makes you stop and think (besides making my eyes go moist.)
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    De-worming for dogs

    I put tablets into the center of a cream cheese triangle - she is too busy wolfing it down to think about what's in it - not sure if that would work with every dog, but best thing I have found.
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    Happy birthday Gempress!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Milk Thistle for liver disease in dogs?

    Hi Barb, Misha doesn't have any problems with her liver, but I give her milk thistle before and after I give her any meds (like Heart Guard for instance) to try and help her liver process all the poisons. I did a lot of reading before I started using it which suggested it helps the liver...
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    Fleas! Curse them!

    We use a dog shampoo which has a mild amount of tea tree in - and it seems to wipe them out - but flees only seem to make an appearance in spring here. I wash the bedding in a hot wash....kill all those little eggs - yukk!!
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    How to start your own business?

    We set up our own business and we don't have a shop - the internet is our shop front -so we've managed start up with very little overheads. Because of this scenario we have spent our money on a good web design and more importantly optimisation - trying to get our website at the top of the...
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    Question (Morals)

    This has been and interesting thread - I've been away too long and missed the meaty discussions!! For me sex is not just about the body - it's all about the mind too - and I wanted to be sure I could share both physical and mental intimacy with someone on a really deep level before I agreed to...
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    Life sucks!! I'm gonna cry! *tears*

    Hey BB, what an awful day - I'm keeping my fingers crossed sargent turns up <<hugs>>
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    Willows dead

    I'm really sorry to hear about Willow, glad you've forgiven Buster though, hugs.
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    omg what a mess!

    Right now you'll be saying "never again" but you know you will (the drinking I'm mean, not the vomiting!) Anyway, hope you feel better soon, I can't take drink anymore so I know how you feel!