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    I know how it is i fostered 3 chihuahuas and there mommy and wehn they barked it was very high pitch and especialy when there mom did it since she was bigger. put the others in another room and let the first one out then take her or he in then let the others out. or let them all out and when she...
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    What's your favorite breed?

    i have a irish setter lab mix that is so sweet and a female brown and white husky who is so sweet she is only 3 months old honey my irish setter is 10 months and both play great and are good at training and good with other animals and kids and great family dogs that is what i would recomend for...
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    Help on Paper Training PLEASE!

    when you see her go on the pade give her a half of a hard treat when you see her go on the floor furmly say ahh ahh and dont give her a treat and untill she is fully potty trained on paper dont give her treats for anything else exept for going on her pade hope that works! if it dosn't work...
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    Can you train Salukis?

    Hi, i have a german shepherd mix and he is trained in every way exept for sometiems he doesnt come back right away when you call but he will not run and not come back and he is scared of cars so i just sit down and wait till i hear him scratch on the door to come in so i let him in if he comes...
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    aggressive pup help

    Hi, we had 3 pups and one was a male and was very tempermental. my dad has typ of terrier and we've kept her for every time he goes out of town and shes never bit and now we kept her this time and she seriously bit my friend and bit my 2 sisters i have no clue why if your giving all of them...
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    Potty Training Issues, Please Help!

    Hi, we had a pomeranian he was a yippy dog so he got excited a lot to and would be but also was not very good about using the bathroom out side so we wher atleast claning the carpet 5 times a day and it got to where we had to get rid of him because we wher trying to train for a year 1/2 and...
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    Hi, we had a sheltie that had hip displasia also he was 5 years he was such a good dog and we had to put him to sleep because he also had kindey deseace the vet it would be better for him because he was in pain i really miss him he was the best we waited a couple of years to get another one it...
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    Hi, dobies are good dogs i have a german shepherd mix and a husky they are good family dogs also. Hope you can find one thats fits your family even if it takes long and you look at a lot then you finally find the perfect one when we wher dog looking for a family dog we looked at so many and...
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    Sieb Husky!

    Hi, we had a dog that would not eat his food it was dry food the vet said dry food is better and the brand we wher geting and tha wet food is not as good as good for them so we kept with the dry and put a little watter in the bowl and he ate it! the taste tastes liek wet food the doc. said but...
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    Sade Hi i used to have a sheltie very sweet had to be put down at 5 years old of kidney diseace it was very hard i love shelties and i had to wait guite a while to get another but i just did a couple of months ago and am so pleased with him i am so sorry that happend that was nice to take him...
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    Any Vet's out there? (Allergies)

    undefined Do you have any other animals? :) please reply thanks Manda