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    Happy Birthday COOP!!!!!!!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday Coop!! :)
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    Happy birthday smkie! ;)

    Have a Happy, Happy Birthday smkie!! :)
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    Comment by 'Lynn' in media 'hyia_recent'

    What a cute little girl! :)
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    Newest Clay Doggie

    I love the post-it dogs! :)
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    Hi From Joel Silverman from ANIMAL PLANET'S "GOOD DOG U"

    Hello Joel, welcome to Chazhound! :) Glad that you chose our site. I am sure that our members will have tons of questions for you. Chazhound has alot of passionate dog owners that are always looking for good advice to care for their four legged friends!
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    I miss you Jake

    I know how you feel! It was so hard when we lost Chaz! :( He was the inspiration for this website, and it is so nice to know that other people are enjoying it, and his memory will live on! :)
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    Hello from Philadelphia

    Hi Oscarthepup, welcome to Chazhound! What a precious pup! He is adorable, and I love his blue eyes. Hope that you enjoy being a part of the Chazhound family! :)
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    Comment by 'Lynn' in media 'Maggie on a Beautiful Summer Day'

    She looks so pretty next to the blue hydrangeas.
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    How Religious Are You?

    I go to a nondenominational church, and it is great. There is alot of praise and worship. The people that attend come from many different denominations. I think that it is good, because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and I believe that God wants all His children to be able to worship...
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    The end came for the gigantic loofah dog

    He looks like he is having fun, but what a mess for you! :)
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    How Religious Are You?

    I was raised in a Christian home, but I did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I quit going to church for a long time. Four years ago, I received Jesus as my personal Savior. Now He means everything to me, and I have a very close relationship with Him. I pray always. To me praying is...
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    Wow A Place to Show My Dog Art!

    What a group of happy faces. They look like they are smiling. :)
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    New chazzy dog drawing

    The eyes are so expressive! I can imagine that it is hard to capture that with just a pencil. :)
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    Fila at high kill shelter!

    I sure hope that someone rescues her in time!! :)
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    Ok, I understand that you don't like him . . . but . . . the AntiChrist?!?

    I think the fact that he is of Moslem descent is why people are even thinking on those lines. What a beautiful Sheltie, Beanie. I am a proud owner of two of the darlings. :)