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    Hello & welcome to chaz. You have plenty of time to look up plenty of training sites, the most important thing is to socialise from the day you bring a new pup home.
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    Technically NOT new, but really am :)

    Welcome back, I haven't been on in months either. Your dogs are very cute.
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    New Introduction - Hello Everyone.

    Hello & welcome to chaz. Good looking pups.
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    Playing bite the sister

    Great photos. Your dogs are so cute.
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    Hello April & welcome to chaz. Cute pups, but what a gorgeous kitty.
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    Hi, I'm CanadianFreeSpirit

    Welcome back & I hope you get rid of the little critters.
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    My Great Pyrenese

    That is so sad for you. I know exactly what you're feeling, only I had a good outcome. Back in about '97 April was also poisoned. She spent 3 days in hospital on a drip b4 she improved & came home. I had almost 15 wonderful years with her. I hope you can bring yourself to bring another dog into...
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    Hi from Alberta!!!

    Hello & welcome to chaz. Glad to have you aboard.
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    Sort of new member

    Hello & welcome to chaz. Glad to have you aboard.
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    Contract Speutering?

    In the early 80's we adopted a 5 1/2 mth old dog from the RSPCA. We were told to bring him back in 2 weeks to have him neutered, which we did. Now-a-days because of ppl not bringing their pets back for spay/neutering the shelters s/n 7 week old puppies which is way too young to be done.
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    I am losing faith in humanity. (AKA, Meet Jemima!)

    Bless you for taking her in. She's a gorgeous puppy. Look forward to see her progress.
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    hi all

    Hello Col & welcome to chaz. It's not easy replacing a well loved dog. I lost April a year ago & waited 2 mths b4 getting Tilba.
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    Hello & welcome to chaz. Cute pups especially Jabroni.
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    Forum jump

    That's exactly what I meant. Not real good at explaining myself.