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    dogs killing other pets

    That's awful. I am sorry about your losses. Where did you find your cats bodies? Were you able to get any photos of the offenders? How did the offending animals get into your yard? When we first bought our noew home, the fence line was unfinished. We used 'zip' leads that allow the...
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    New Dog and Feeding Time

    Welcome to the forum. Love the pic. Is that you 'little' pup? I have two pits (both nuetered). Ice is 2 1/2 and 55lbs. Rufus is the 'puppy', 16mo and 84lbs. I wish I could advise you, but my dogs eat at the same time and share the same bowl. Ice has always been good with Rufus since he...
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    Comment by 'LuvMyPits' in media 'Batdiog Bodhi at 4.5 months!'

    Great dog. Looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Ice Swims!

    Ice Swims!

    She can't stand to take a bath, but bring her the beach and she just can't get enough.
  5. Ice loves the beach

    Ice loves the beach

    Ice gets a lot of excitement at the beach. She loves to run up and down the dog beach trying to pick a race with anyone who can keep up.
  6. Mappy gets some sun

    Mappy gets some sun

  7. Rufus Liver Nose

    Rufus Liver Nose

  8. Good Catch Rufus!

    Good Catch Rufus!

  9. Ice and Rufus

    Ice and Rufus

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    Meet Ice and Rufus

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to seeing you around.
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    Meet Ice and Rufus

    Hello. I'm Bridget. My husband, Mike, and I are the happy owners of two awesome dogs, Ice and Rufus. Both are Pit Bulls. Ice is the female, 2years and 5months old. She is a very clever girl who likes to play tricks on the younger more gullible Rufus. Ice is always alert and loves to...
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    Comment by 'LuvMyPits' in media 'Little Devil'

    What the devil? What a cutey pie.
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    Comment by 'LuvMyPits' in media 'What Feather??'

    My nose tickles just looking at it. What an adorable dog. So wrinkly, so cute.
  14. Bella and her Pups - 4 weeks

    Bella and her Pups - 4 weeks

    Rufus is our little pup. See, he's the lil' chocolate guy suckling in the middle.
  15. Rufus


    He used to be such a tiny lil' boy. Now he's weighing in at 84lbs, and he's still gaining! Rufus is 3mo. in this pic, but now he's 16mo.