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    How often do you vaccinate for rabies?

    Every three years here unless the dog is a puppy then it is one year the first time. After that it is every three years.
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    Lola's Mealtime Ritual

    This is what I taught Lola to do before she eats. This was taught to her a few years ago but I have only recently been able to get it on video. Lola Dinner - YouTube
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    Looking for something to do with your dog or thinking about adopting a dog?

    I have been attending this event the past 3 years and will be going this year as well. If your in the NJ area it might be something that you might want to do and all the proceeds go to a great cause. If your also thinking about adopting a dog this is the place to be. Even if your not thinking...
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    Stops dead during bike ride??

    If you want to go biking with your dog and keep it safe get one of these. They make them in two different sizes. This is the medium size and they have a larger size also. This way you can have your dog with you but not have the dog get injured. You could also ride as far as you want...
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    Big guys and small dogs.

    My dad was the same way a few years back when he would take Lola out for me when I was at work. People told me that he would be out with her for hours. One time a lady was across the street in the park that seen me walking Lola and she asked me How is Bob doing?. I said he is in the hospital so...
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    Big guys and small dogs.

    I seen this on Victoria Stillwell's site. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels this way. It’s OK for Big Guys to Have Small Dogs|Victoria Stilwell Positively
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    Bad Sam!

    He must have thought he was helping you clean the carpeting :lol-sign:
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    I seen this on a "The Pet Stop" on Channel 12 news

    Perhaps people can keep this organization in the back of their minds if they ever have a need. Save U.S. Pets Foundation: Funding Lifesaving Care for Pets
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    Are you trying to socialize him all around with dogs and people or just people?. Let people give him or her treats. Start by letting them throw them on the ground as they pass by. Then when he shows interest in people let them give them to him. They can get down low at his level and call him...
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    Dog Park Proposal/Petition

    We already have two dog parks in the county that are maintained and rules set by the county park system. The park I am proposing the off leash dog park in is already part of the county park system. I doubt that they have any idea to use it for anything else other than what it is now as the park...
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    Places you like to take your dog

    I like taking Lola with me to the dog park's, the nursing/rehab home, Pet Smart and a Petco that recently opened up in our town. I also take her to the beach which is right across the street and unlike anotger beach she can be on this beach year round. There is another beach that I have had...
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    Dog Park Proposal/Petition

    I'm looking to have an off leash dog park created across the street from me that is already a park but not being used for anything other than it being a big open field with trees. Hardly anyone uses it and when they do use it they are usually their with their dog on leash. This park was created...
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    Found a dog

    I did not go through all the pages so excuse me if this was asked already but did you have her checked for a Micro Chip?
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    Video of animals being euthed at shelter-Warning. Heartbreaking. We are Monsters

    Hopefully in some time they will change their attitudes about animals not being worth jail time over. Maybe people will also get the message of spaying and neutering their pets and not being irresponsible breeders. Their are quite a few people whose dogs have had oops litters and placed them...
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    520 Dogs being trucked to Chinese restaurants were spared a culinary fate after about

    This story is saying they were all bought legally. If their were thousands of people why didn't they just take the dogs and run instead of buying them back. Hopefully they get good homes. Photos: Truckload of 520 dogs rescued from slaughter near Beijing - Shanghaiist