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    New Panther Pics

    wow I am sooo jelous he is beautiful! and you have that wonderful blue colouration to look foward to. Do you still have your chameleon? I realise that this post is a little bit old. i am hoping to get a veiled soon ^__^
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    Biting & Jumping Issues

    well I am no expert LOL so no doubt other folks will come and correct me if I am wrong. I personally would teach your pup to sit asap! When your pup will sit when you ask it to that should half the problem. For a while at least you would need to be prepared to give lots of praise and petting...
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    Get a chicken this weekend!

    Did you get a chicken/chickens?
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    The poop bag thread

    Ha ha ha well actually I use food bags. They come on a huge roll that lasts for ever. They are kind of clearish though LMAO. We don't have freebie bags where I live although there are quite a lot of doggy poop bins provided so not much carrying involved. In the summer when I dont wear my dog...
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    Am I Going to Confuse Them?

    For the first few months Minnie was not allowed on the furniture but my partner invited her up on the settee with him one evening and although I did try to keep the 'not on the furniture rule' for a while. It was very hard to stop her after that and I gave in LOL. It is nice to have snuggle time...
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    Who is Who on here? *ALL PEOPLE POST!!!*

    RD that last picture in particular is beautiful!
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    How do you guys take your puppies in the car?

    Amazing! I had never even heard of dog seat belts until now
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    Latest pics

    Yes she likes sleeping on the stairs! She isn't really supposed to go up the stairs but it has been too hard to enforce that LOL so I just make sure that all the doors are closed on the landing. She looks like one of those big cuddly toys that folk drape on the back of the setee to me!
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    Puppy pics

    Oooooooh cutness overload! They are soooo lovely :)
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    Walk in the Field

    She is a truely lovely looking dog!
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    Latest pics

    Thank you :)
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    My dog Illustrations....

    Fantastic work! I am so impressed! beautiful!
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    Latest pics

    And more ^__^
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    Latest pics

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    Meet Cedrick and Sammy

    Awwww they are beautiful!