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    Chicago Meet Up?

    Let me poke Ashely! We fully plan on doing it every year until we die so it's safe to assume it will happen!
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    Intact males + females

    When I know her heat is here or close I have her pee in the front, boys pee in the back. Helps because of how strong the scent can be in the urine. I also separate the house. Boys get downstairs and can come upstairs but she never goes downstairs. I like them to have a place (especially...
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    Chinese Crested - sports?

    I'm really impressed with the breed as a whole for being all conformation. Hiccup's breeder is all show but even hanging out with her other dogs I see the potential in them if they had had it built. And the first time he saw a lure when we tried out lure coursing, he didn't hesitate at all...
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    Chinese Crested - sports?

    My experience with the breed is pretty new since I only have my under a year old Hiccup....and I don't do agility But I have been around his breeder and a bunch of other Crested's since then and while I don't do agility I do do dog sports. My opinion is that if you are a decent trainer with...
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    Small dogs for people who dislike most small dogs

    I don't have much experience owning small breeds because I was never one that was interested in them. Then I got a Chinese Crested. I'm a herder person through and through and don't particularly like terriers but I really wanted a small dog to work with and the stars all aligned and I ended...
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    So I tried to remember usernames but kinda failed on that part SaraB Dex Paige Julee Meagan Danielle Jes Christin Ashley Snark Michelle Beanie Mikaela Blackrose Stardogs Moth Sass PW Ryan Nicole SouthPaw Nina Do I win? I feel like I'm forgetting people but...
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    Importing Dogs/Puppies

    Hey Locke, the women who's good friends with Hiccup's breeder who's house I go to a lot just imported a Puff puppy. Worked out great for her but she had wanted a dog from these lines for awhile I believe. I could always put you in contact with her if you were interested! As far as the...
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    Favorite winter apparel?

    I have the Hurtta jackets for my guys and I just found one for small dogs for 20 dollars for Hiccup and jumped on it. I like these a lot, they're warm on the inside and have the smooth durable...
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    CAT in Wisconsin in October

    Boo! I can't do it. Stupid Koolies. Have lots of fun and take tons of pictures!!!
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Are you ever not eating Sushi?
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    Black, White, & Grey

    My sister was trying to throw the disc for Didgie to flip. Not sure what she ended up doing though... <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Didgeridoo"><img...
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    Black, White, & Grey

    She's grown up so nice, in my totally unbiased opinion <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Didgeridoo"><img src="" width="500" height="346"...
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    Black, White, & Grey

    Family photo! <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="Didgie, Hiccup, Traveler"><img src="" width="500" height="359" alt="Didgie, Hiccup...
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    Unicorn Slayage!

    I think most of you are in the Tricks & Training facebook group but for those that aren't or didn't see it we have created a shirt to sell through TeeSpring. The logo was designed by Sekah based off the concept SaraB came up with, which is Slaying Your Unicorn in regards to dog training! It...
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    My Puppy is Going...Going...

    You do not post enough pictures, especially when you have such a great looking group of dogs. I seriously love all of them. Glitch is super handsome and both him and Gimmick are really making me want sighthounds again. And I just love seeing pictures of Gambit!