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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    I live in a rural area and it vastly depends. There are people who keep their dogs the way suburban people do, hunters with flea-bitten dogs chained to barrels in all kinds of weather, people with outdoor ranch and LG dogs that are good and stay within their boundaries, people with outdoor...
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    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Unless his learning curve is faster in an emergency than I've yet been able to appreciate keeping him sheltered as I do, which might be the case I guess, I think he'd die pretty quickly. He whines loudly when frustrated or anxious which would make him a zombie magnet. He's protective and...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    Right, both of you... and to be clear I do think businesses feeling pressure to allow poorly behaved animals on the premises because they are or are told they are service animals is an issue, even if not where I live. It can be dangerous, can lose them money, and just breeds resentment. The...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I think I'm getting to the point where I'm almost more worried about the panic about fake service dogs than about fake service dogs. I've heard 2-3 stories now about people who do have service dogs getting hassled because their dogs were suspected to be fake, and limited by my geographic area...
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    Petfinder Want Thread

    A correctly identified cur mix complete with signature wonky back-end conformation. :lol-sign: I approve!
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    Lets see your horses!!

    I mainly want to try one with her for training because she really needs to have her topline developed - aside from her having been out of work I think the people who had her before me let her hollow her back a lot so she's really got next to nothing there - and asking for collection isn't...
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    Lets see your horses!!

    Kootenay, since you seem to spend a lot of time riding bitless do you have any tips for choosing or fitting bitless bridles? My mare hasn't been ridden a lot with a bit so I'm currently riding her in a sidepull halter with a braided nosepiece (and she does well in it considering) but will...
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    Lets see your horses!!

    Kind of a redux of what I said in the other thread, but I grew up with horses and in a horse-loving family (one of my grandpas was a Tennessee Walker breeder) but we sold all we owned when I was around 16-17 due to medical expenses. I wish I could show photos of my favorite childhood horses but...
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    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    I can definitely see why you would have jumped at the chance to own her. I like her mother especially, she seems like quite an elegant little thing. Thanks a lot for sharing. She's an 8 year old majority-Arabian Quarter Horse / Arab cross, grade so we're not sure on exact percentages but...
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    I'm dogsitting my boyfriend's 5 month old Beagle a lot lately so for her I'll go with: Plucky, affectionate, willful. ;)
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    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    Do you have any photos of the grandsire and sire you'd be allowed to share? I actually just purchased my first horse since we sold ours due to hospital bills when I was 16, so I'm in a super horse-y mood. :p
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    How has your Dog changed in the last year?

    This time last year we were having pretty big issues with reactivity, which are now mostly taken care of... I don't think they were very deeply rooted, obviously, he was just very dramatic. This time last year he also hadn't had any herding training put on him and I wasn't sure how he would...
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    Dog beds

    The house favorite was the Coolaroo but right now it needs the material replaced. I need to find a very sturdy crate mat and possibly a portable mat for matwork but I've been incredibly lazy about it.
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    Let's Be Controversial

    First post immediately makes me feel a lot less controversial because it hits a lot of my big points, of course. :lol-sign: But also reminds me that "controversial" is relative to the community you're engaging with. I'm also part of a few wherein not using prongs or especially e-collars for...
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    I would guess something rat terrier-ish if he came out of an Amish operation... aside from puppy milling the Amish in my area, at least, are actually known for breeding hardcore working ratting terriers that they use to keep rodents out of their barns.* They get called "rat terriers" but...