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    I come bearing pictures!

    Lol, thanks. I hate it when she gives me the 'eye'
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    I come bearing pictures!

    As many of you know I have been gone for awhile. Alot has happened over the period I inactive. New job, new car, new floors, NEW COUCH! And I come baring pictures! First off, I just recently bought a new couch and the dogs arent aloud on it. You see I have this theory that if the...
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    Happy Singles Awareness Day!

    I am not sad to be single. Lol, I'm actually really enjoying it. When I'm ready to get married and share my life with some one, I will start dating. Untill then, Buster and Gus are my men! And my valentines. Very romantic, no? -Happy and safe valentines everyone! -Nicole and the...
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    When training pays off...

    Hello! Yes she is isn't she? I was in Chattanooga
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    Please Pray....

    Oh no. I'm so sorry! I will keep you in my prayers.
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    When training pays off...

    I had to fly to tenessee for a wedding this week. I left the weens with my parents and took Lily with me. (She was in the cargo hold and she came out just fine. Perky, happy, wiggling tail. Very sleepy from the medication the vet gave me for her.) So my sister and brother's-in-law house is two...
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    OC + Ronan + My New Hairdo! *8 pics*

    Oh wow! Your hair looks AMAZING!
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    Some people are so cold

    Grammy, I honestly have NO clue...
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    Anyone have a Shepherd/pitt mix?

    APBTDanno, What a beautiful dog! Thoes ears are just adorable. What a shame that she was human agressive.
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    Blue playing in the snow and my neighbors dog

    Wow! Thoes blue eyes are just stunning!
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    Some people are so cold

    Alot has been going on for me this week. Aside from being sick to the point where I couldn't move, my neighbor of three years is getting rid of her four labs. I was walking Lily down the street when my neighbor stopped me. I guess she can't take care of her labs any more. She bought the four all...
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    What would your dog be like if they were a person?

    If Gus were a person he would probally be a really tall gangly geeky guys with HUGE glasses and a come over, braces and would collect something wierd like dead animals. Bailey would be a super hot petty girl who always wore mini skirts and low cut top. Kind of bitchy and self centered and super...
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    Looks vs Personality.

    Houndlover, I lOVE LOVE LOVE Hugh Laurie! Honestly I don't find Brad Pit or Johny Depp attractive at all... I like guys with facial hair honestly. I knew a guy who I really didn't like before that was not attractive in any way. After I got to know him and found...
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    Avalanche & Heidi & Tucker Updates

    Good for you for taking up the responisbility of finding homes for all the strays! As for the obedience classes, I took Lily to obedience classes at Petco and it cossed 100 dolars for six weeks for an adult class. Where are you looking at taking your dog for these classes? I personally...
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    Looking for a Dachshund breeder in:

    Where can I find that? Or are you joking?