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    What happened?

    Well, I just sent in a request to the FB group . . . What happened to me was that my work decided Chaz was a drug site and blocked it . . . made it hard to poke my head in regularly. Now they've switched security providers and no longer block random parts of the internet for completely random...
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    Is giving used books as gifts not ok?

    Give a used book and a brand-new made-by-you card.
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    An "Authentic Life"...

    I've heard the term before . . . its a new term for an old idea, which is some ways does make it a load of bull. And the choice of the term authentic is simultaneously pretentious, condescending, and confusing. It also has a real "first-world problem" feeling . . . The idea is that you...
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    Rabid Raccoon

    Now, I do think the restrictions we are under are a bit over the top, and my first, country-bred, instinct is to say that the next coon (hopefully there will never be one) we quietly dispose of in the dark of night. But we'd still have to take the dogs in for the boosters, because I won't...
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    Rabid Raccoon

    Hi everyone. I know I've not been around for a while. Things have been crazy at work for a long time, and, worse, the web filter there is convinced this site is about marijuana. So whoever is smoking weed . . . knock it off . . .you're getting the forum blocked so I can't read it at lunch! :D...
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    130 dogs need sponsors/help at Devore Animal Shelter

    Yes, hi, I've not been around. On my honeymoon right now :D Not sure if anyone has posted this yet. However, there are dogs rescued from a bogus animal sanctuary that are in desperate need of help and sponsorship at the Devore animal shelter in California...
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    NOVA/East Coast Chazzers Meetup- Dulles Pet Expo

    I can probably do Sat or Sun.
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    It's the end of the world in Annapolis, MD

    The video is super cool . . . but someone ran into a transformer?!?!? Good god . . . some of the updates say it was a high voltage transmission line and a couple of feeders, yikes, I hope that was that windstorm!
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    So What Will You Be Doing On Dec 21?

    Working. Writing a memo on obscure pricing rules in organized electric markets. I am utterly unconcerned about the end of the world, or believe you me, I'd be doing anything else.
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    Newton CT :(

    Because it gets them attention. They show up wherever they are bound to get media coverage. Their theological reasoning is soemthing along the lines of "These people are dead because God is punishing the USA for not burning gay people at the stake." Edit: Even the KKK hates them...
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    Unlikely friends at play. Super cute!

    That is absolutely amazing. And very cute!
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    Jet Skier Punished for Useless Security Because, god forbid, you reveal that their multi-million dollar security system doesn't work.
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    Mailing voting records to neighborhoods?

    That is seriously creepy. There's a pretty good reason why voter registrations have to be public (to make sure the lists aren't corrupted). But party affiliation and if/when you voted should be right out. That's just inviting voter intimidation.
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    I know exactly how this kid feels . . .

    I was grimly amused that, during the hurricane here, the local radio station reported that a major hazard for people who were (foolishly) out driving was flying campaign signs. Edit: But I have to say, I'm so sick of the campaign I almost don't want to vote. And I ALWAYS vote. But I'm just...
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    I know exactly how this kid feels . . .