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    Leanne Jones......

    Thank-you so much, I am very proud of them also. I like other breeds as well but I just can't have them all. What with 2 cats and 3 birds as well. I only live on a 1/4 acre block too.
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    Hey Renee, did you know that Fila Brasileiros' were a banned breed in Australia and there aren't even any over here......weird hey. Leanne
  3. ying and yang

    ying and yang

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    How do you get ears to stand up?

    You can't make stand up whats not meant to. If the puppy is a border collie x then borders ears aren't meant to be pricked. Unless you have them cropped like a dobermann then it probably wont happen. But I'm sure you will love him just the same.
  5. Sasha (dec)

    Sasha (dec)

  6. Dillon (dec)

    Dillon (dec)

  7. Cash (dec)

    Cash (dec)

  8. Kane (dec)

    Kane (dec)

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    new to site

    Thanks for that. Go have a look I think I have managed to do it.
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  12. Mum, kids and Dad

    Mum, kids and Dad

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    German Shepherd problems

    Hi Gerb, I think what Serena is telling you is great, you could also try the time out method. Do you own a crate? somewhere she can be put if you have visitors over and she is missbehaving. Don';t put her in ther before the visitors arrive, only if she shows unwanted behaviour. I hope this...
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    My puppy's ears went down

    Have you also thought that he may just be teething. If his ears have been up allready its likely they will come back up again, make sure he has plenty of things to chew on to work those muscles, rib bones for a pup his size I think would be suitable. Hope it works out okay for you, keep us posted.
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    Any Aussies out there?

    By Aussies do you mean Aussie Shepherds, Aussie Terriers or people form Australia?