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    Husky Pups & FOSTERS NEEDED!

    Here are my two newest fosters ;) Ralph & Louis. Very cute, but they will be mini athletes and a ton of work!! They were born to Kali, who is now adopted. She was one of the 97 huskies saved from the Montreal raid. They are available through B.A.R.K. Rescue. This is for anyone in Ottawa...
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    Yorkie in Ottawa, ON

    Olive in action! Excuse my stupid baby voice. Shae and Dingo make a short appearance. You can see how she constantly circles due to living in a small cage her whole life. She now comes to us for affection which is a great sign! ♥ Go Olive Go! YouTube - Olive
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    Yorkie in Ottawa, ON

    Allie-we were thinking the exact same thing. She would be perfect for an older couple or single. Just someone to love her and keep her in a quiet atmosphere. Paws crossed ;) Any cross posting would be wonderful! Thank you! Here is the link to the B.A.R.K website: Home Page for BARK She...
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    Yorkie in Ottawa, ON

    One of our foster girls from B.A.R.K. Rescue here in Ottawa :) She is a sweet little thing...needs lots of loving and confidence training. Not allowed to say which, but she came from a puppy mill in Quebec :mad: She stopped producing puppies, so they dumped her. Lovely.
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    Clipping schnauzers

    Take them to a professional groomer ;)
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    Dog Collar Business For Sale

    Oh! And here is my latest customer 'Asher' with her Crazy Daisy collar on! How cute is she!? :p
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    Dog Collar Business For Sale

    Hey guys...I don't know if this is in the right section but I thought I'd throw this out there. I've been running for a while now and I love doing it! I really do...but this next year is going to be busy and I plan on traveling + WWOOFING for a few months and there is no...
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    Niko the Aussie

    This one's GORGEOUS Allie!! Such a steal! <3 Keep it up girlie :)
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    HAH. Supertoony Finnegan

    omg!! Website or contact please! I love this style : ) : )
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    Foster Mom

    Welcome! And thanks for helping a pittie!!! Pictures please :) :) :)
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    Golden Retriever Painting

    This was my last commission of 2009! Now I get to relax a bit until the new year ;) Tiber (on the left) is 11, and Henry, his younger brother, is a big goof at only 2. Thanks for looking!
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    adopton fell through :(

    UGH! Heard that one before! People are nuts..
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    Me & Kenai Sleeping! He's such a doll.

    What a cutie! Gotta love pit bull heating pads! : ) Hope you feel better soon!
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    what breed plz

    American Bulldog x Staffordshire Terrier :) Definitely!
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    About RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue)

    Hi Anita, I just spent a good hour looking through the website and blog...still have lots of reading to do...but wow, you guys are amazing. :hail: I wish I could come and help. I do dog fostering/rescue here in Canada, but it's no where near the amount that you guys are doing. I run a dog...