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    How do you wash your pet?

    I have a large dog, and honestly I rarely bathe her. She smells fine and likes to roll around on the wet grass in the morning. The only time I bathe her is if I've taken her to the beach and need to get the sand and salt water off her.
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    How many times you feed your dog?

    I used to feed my dog twice a day, but realized she seems to be hungrier later in the day. So now in the morning I give her a small meal to start. Late morning around 11 or 12 I give her a normal sized meal, then again at dinner time. I think dogs are like people and their hunger is is unique...
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    I need help! I think someone might be raping my dog.

    That is the most horrible thing I've ever heard! If you think this is really true you need to get this dog away from him. He needs new owners and the rapist needs to be in jail.
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    Can someone tell me if my vet experience was normal procedure?

    I see you wrote this in February. I hope your dog is ok and you found a more caring vet. Your experience was terrible!
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    Estriol for incontinence

    My female border collie/lab mix is almost 11 years old, and about 6 months ago started having "accidents" almost daily. The vet did numerous tests and x-rays to rule everything else out and concluded she was incontinent. He said it was common in older females due to being fixed at a young age...
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    Almost new

    HI All! I used to be very active on this site then somehow lost track of it for several years. My lab/border collie is now almost 11 and getting gray...but she's still the best thing in my life.