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    Majorly mixed feelings....

    Would be really interested in a follow up. As Oakley is now 12 years old, you obviously kept him. Did you ever carry through and send the dog to this trainer?
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    Have hybrid names gone a bit out of control?

    I have some Shih Tzu x Maltese and usually always refer to them as that cross even though their "name" would be Malshi which is not too bad. My youngest dog is a cross between a purebred Golden Retriever mother and the father is a Poodle with a bit of Australian Shepherd in its background. She...
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    Looking to adopt- Aussie and Great Dane Mix? Farm Dog

    Since you are getting it as a puppy I think it should work out for you. Of course, I love merle colored dogs and it is sure cute. I have a merle colored Aussie Doodle and I know she is really trainable. I will be interesting to see what she looks like full grown and whether she will have the...
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    Landshark was pretty close. Her mother is a purebred Golden Retriever. Her father was a large Miniature Poodle, merle and white. As poodles do not come in merle and they also bred Aussies, you can guess where her color came from. She has really curly hair so I clipped her off for the summer...
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    Haven't posted any pictures of my puppy and she is already 9 months old. Can you guess what cross-breed she is?
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I agree with Paviche's post. Also, I now have a Doodle and if she is any example, I can see why people like them. Never thought I would own one but someone had a litter from a purebred Golden by what they called a "Moyen" poodle. Actually he was from someone who also bred Aussies and...
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    Considering trialing in Obedience

    I have been doing Obedience training with my Doberman for the past year and a half. Really more interested in Rally and hope to go to my first Caro Rally trial in March, then maybe some CKC Obedience. (Plus fit in some Agility trials)
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    I spend one spring/summer there when I was racing horses. There are tons of mosquitos, when I rains, it pours and they get lots of wind. But overall seemed like a nice place to live. I do think it really gets cold in the winter though and lots of snow. No help on the dog activities.
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    Large vs. Small Senior Dogs

    Most of my dogs are getting older. Susie, my Bernese cross, weighs about 80 Lbs. and will be 12 years old this year. She does have trouble getting up and down, does not go with me in the Van very often as too hard for her to get in and out of it. She still seems to enjoy life but is not near...
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    End Stage Dementia: Feeding Tubes

    I wish they would legalize euthanasia for people. When my husband finally went into the hospital for the last time with terminal cancer, it had spread to his brain so he could not communicate. As he was healthy other than the cancer which was in his spine, he had to lie in a bed for over a...
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    New puppy and small dog - NEED HELP managing play!

    I got Kris my Doberman when she was 11 weeks old. I have four Shih Tzu x Maltese so even at that age, she was bigger than them. I had to pretty well keep them separated unless I was right there to get her to leave them alone. My Shih Tzu x, Remmy, was the best teacher as he hated being...
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    We had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, mosquitos everywhere. Now we have had some record breaking heat and it seems to have really cut down on the mosquito population.
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    Spinny dogs.

    Kris, my Doberman, has an annoying habit of circling me when I am walking somewhere. She does not do it when she is actually "heeling" just when I am going somewhere when she is loose. Remmy spins in circles when he is excited to go somewhere.
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    Do your dogs hang out outside alone?

    Susie, my Bernese cross, has spent more of her lifetime outside than indoors. Kris, my Doberman, will spend hours outside when the weather is nice. I have an acre all fenced and she has pathways everywhere and races the fence lines to chase the deer. They are both a lot happier when I am...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    It was interesting what Southpaw said about the thyroid medication. I have had Susie (my Bernese cross) into the Vet a few years ago and had her thyroid checked and they said it was fine. I have fought to keep the weight off her ever since and she is eleven now. I had to take her into the...