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    Here we are again..

    And I am proud to show you our Zena...with her mom of course.. The first night when she was without her brothers she was so sad that we had to let her and her mother in our bed.. I will post more pics this weekend since we are going with Zena to see her brother..Little playtime just...
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    Here we are again..

    Finally I have time to post some pics of my dogs..It's been almost 3 months since my Kjara become a mother and we sold almost all of her sons and daughters.. They all went to a great families and I was sad at the beginning but now that I seen them how they are doing I'm happy..Here are some...
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    Buddy goes WHEEE....

    Oooo..he looks so happy, happy and flying...I agree with kodysdad about the colors in photos..Great..
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    Where was I today????

    I can see that she had great time sniffing around...:D
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    Fluffy White Dogs

    This pic is awsome..The look in her (is that mom??) eyes are so ... i'm left speechless... Great pics..great..
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    Update: kjara's babies..

    No..We will leave the names to the people who will become theirs new owners...But for the one girl I like the name ZENA...maybe we will leave that one girl with us..i just don't know's hard to pick between those two beautiful girls....:rolleyes: Maybe you have idea about the names for...
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    Chloe Pictures *LOTS*

    She looks so georgeous in this picture...And tall...Fancy lady!!
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    New Chaz member

    Owsome pics..I love how scared Summer looks...And scout looks huge (i don't know that much about them and I was amazed how big he is).. Great pics..just great..
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    Update: kjara's babies..

    Thank you...They are just adorable when they play around ... We talk the other day with some people who are (hm whats the word..) breeders (i think that is the right word) and they said that oure puppies are the best one they seen in a while..And we are just proud of that because this is are...
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    Update: kjara's babies..

    So today the babies have five weeks and these are the latest pictures taken today... Look how cute and big we are getting.. We decided to leave one girl with us..But we don't know witch one cause they are two girls and each of them two are so special in there way so it's a little...
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    Thread Titles

    Oh..After an hour of reeding this thread I'm totaly confused..I know what you all are meaning to say or better yet what you all said in this thread but for me it is normal to give my thread title that you all will know what it is about..But I love the threads that are named ewwww, or OMG, or...
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    Update on Kjara's babies..

    mommy time.. What do you think??
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    Update on Kjara's babies..

    Here we are again... These are the latest pics of Kjara's babies.. Ours first steps... Sleepy time.. play time.. *MORE*
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    Update from hell.

    I will to..
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    A Year in Pictures

    She is beautiful..More pics please...