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    Responsible Dog Ownership

    I'll add: Identification for your dog - dog tags Spending time with your dog, focused attention on him (petting, games, walks, etc) Protecting your dog from harm Giving your dog compassion, respect, and empathy
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    looking for new love

    I'm very sorry to hear that you've lost your dog. It's a sad time. When I lose a dog, I make an album containing all of my favorite pictures of that dog. The whole album is just for him or her. It helps me a lot. I hope that soon you can think mostly about the good times with your dog. Take care.
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    Hi From Joel Silverman from ANIMAL PLANET'S "GOOD DOG U"

    Hi, Joel. I'm going to pass on this discussion. :-) I just wanted to welcome you to Chazhound and tell you that I've enjoyed your show many times. It's nice to see you participating with the group. Welcome!
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    I luv mi poodles

    Hi and welcome to Chazhound. There's a lot of nice people and good info here. Looking forward to seeing your dogs!
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    Hi New here

    Welcome to Chaz!
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    Thomas the Corgi

    Adam, welcome to Chaz. Thomas is totally adorable! I'll bet he melts your heart everyday. This is a great place - I'm sure you'll get lots of great information.
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    hello, I'm new

    Hi! Welcome to Chaz. It's good that you are waiting for your house and you are doing some research first. Read everything you can so that you are sure a lab will fit your schedule and situation. They are wonderful dogs. You'll find lots of good info here on Chaz and we're happy to have you join.
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    Welcome - looking forward to your pics!
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    Nice to meet ya!

    Hi! Wow, you have two very different dogs. I'm sure it makes for a fun household. This is a great place, I'm sure you'll enjoy being on the forum. Welcome!
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Chaz!
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    My Intro!

    Garett, welcome to Chazhound. This is a terrific place to make connections with people who love dogs. Yours are adorable!
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    Newby intro

    Welcome to Chaz! It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your dog. See you on the forums.
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    Another Newbie Here!

    Welcome to Chaz. Your pup is adorable and so tiny!!
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    Hello from IL!!!

    Hi, sounds like you have a lot of fun with Riley. I have done many years of therapy work with my collie and absolutely love it. Welcome to Chaz!!
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    Intro threads are so awkward!

    HI Kendalyn! I am in Southern Ca now, but before the move, I lived in Kalamazoo, too! I taught school there for 6 years (Milwood Elementary). It's a great city and I think of it often. Still have friends there. Anyway, welcome to Chaz - I know you'll find friends and good info here. Welcome!