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    Professional Dog Food?

    Has anyone ever heard of the dog food brand "Professional"? I had never heard of it but I saw it today when I was looking for a new food for my dog. The ingredients looked pretty decent. Any opinions on it? Ingredients Chicken, chicken meal, cracked pearled barley, millet, brewers...
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    Great Site............

    ditto ;)
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    Friends, how many of us have them?!

    I approve! :D
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    Be honest with me

    Personally I think the dress is ugly! But what I think doesn't matter :P. If you like it go for it. I don't know what you look like but I think that someone with an average figure could definitetly pull it off. Of course you'll need some new boots to go with it :D.
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    Normal cost for Canidae

    It's funny how huge the price range is. I pay $33.90 with tax (6.3% on 31.89 i think). I'm in Kansas. If I'm doing the math right it's around $40 canadian. My dogs do really well on it too and my picky eater eats it. Good Luck.
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    Anyone going to see Narnia? (this maybe a dumb question)

    It's SOOOOOOO good. Definitely as good as the books. Of course they couldn't fit everything from the book into the movie. I will Definietly see it again.:D
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    Need Gift Ideas! Help!

    So I just started dating this guy Aaron and I have NO idea what to give him for Christmas. We went on our first date 2 weeks ago but we met at the beginning of October and have hung out almost every day since. He's super sweet and treats me like a princess so I want to get him something cool...
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    who is all decorated for Christmas?

    I have TWO trees up! I would take pics but my I need a new battery for my camera. I can't wait for Christmas. My sisters are all gonna be here.
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    New House ~ Suggestions for move

    Just make sure he knows where his new potty spot is and how to ask to go there. When we moved to Colorado we had a walkout basement. We didn't have on in our old house. Rudy went down to the basement door where he could see the yard, instead of the door on the main floor (where the people...
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    3 months is still very young. How far are you walking? And what are you doing to housebreak her?
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    WOW Mandy. That seems like a lot of food! How big are your cats? My cat eats 1/4 of dry food twice a day. And she's FAT!
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    Cat Food Advice plz

    There are no health food stores in their town. The only feed store I could find there had Iams and Science diet on their web site :(. I don't know if they have better foods but I'll tell my sister to go check and what to look for. Right now they are feeding her Purina kitten chow dry and...
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    Family v. Dogs

    My mother Loves animals like me. My dad likes them ok. He walks my dogs on his lunch break while I'm at work. My youngest sister does not like animals. She's coming home from college on the 16th (she goes summer/fall track) and is NOT excited about living with my girls. She thinks dogs...
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    Some Petco morons (rant warning!)

    Argh! I hate petco because their employees always try to give my dog treats without even asking me. I would never dream of giving someone elses dog a treat without asking first.