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  1. Smell my breath

    Smell my breath
  2. Jack-a-lope

  3. Jack-a-lope


    10 months old
  4. Jack


    Taken on 2006-12-15 a 4 month old shepherd at 53 lbs
  5. Too much snow/ Storm Carson

    Too much snow/ Storm Carson

  6. 2006-01-25_03_crop


    Shepherd on the fly
  7. Barrel full of puppies

    Barrel full of puppies

    Shepherd puppies 4 weeks old
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    Comment by 'Katysdog' in media 'Spanky'

    What a cutie! Oh how I LOVE rats. This one looks just like my Wesson. I had two at the same time. Smith and Wesson, only Wesson died too early in life. Enjoy them while you can.
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    10 reasons of why home made rations are not for pets

    Ohhh, this is a hot subject. I have a ISSR Shiloh Shepherd. I want to say right now that I wouldn't feed the same to a small toy dog. My mother always told me we are what we eat. Could you eat just plain kibble (no matter how "good" it is) and stay healthy, for lets say 10 years? I really...
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    No means NO!

    No means yes to my dog, but it's my own darn fault. I never picked up on it until this guy suggested I video tape myself with my dog. I was humiliated upon viewing it, and will NEVER let anyone see that tape, lol! First off I found out that dogs will more likely follow a mans voice (I'm a...
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    Comment by 'Katysdog' in media 'Jump Sun'

    She's actually on the small side for a ISSR Shiloh Shepherd.
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    Busted lip...

    OUCH!!! We all have our scars to bear. Mine is on my leg. When my dog was 9 months old I had her tied to a 150 foot line. Didn't want her to feel restricted. I got real good at jumping over the rope as she sped by. Things went well for 2 weeks, then my husband came home from a long...
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    What kind of dogs do you own ?

    I have a 2 1/2 year old Shiloh Shepherd.

  15. Sun in the sun

    Sun in the sun