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    Questions about cold weather

    He is a Shiba Inu mix so he has medium length fur. I got him a fleece coat but it's his feet I worry about. I wouldn't walk him on the colder day but he doesn't do all he needs to do if we don't walk
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    Questions about cold weather

    I have just adopted a rescue dog. It is the first dog I have had in a long time and I am unsure about what is safe for him in this cold weather. When I walk him he sometimes starts limping and I think it might be because of the cold. When we walk it is for no more then about 10 minutes or so...
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    New Member / New Dog

    Hello all! Friday I adopted a dog from a rescue that I had seen posted on Facebook late on Christmas. It has been several years since I have had a dog and I'm sure there are things to learn. I have been active with cat rescue and have 6 cats. So far the introduction has gone better than I...