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    Good dog food that is affordable

    It really depends on what you are thinking as far as cost to quality. I've done well with Costco's Nature's Domain. I have also ordered large bags of pro plan on Amazon and been happy with that. The delivery rate with a prime account is more than awesome. I guess I figure about $35 a bag...
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    Anybody see this before?

    TBH I would just cut the darn nail as it's not just a little overgrown and see if cutting it resolves any soreness in the toe over the week. I suspect this is just soreness caused by a really long nail. I once missed a nail apparently repeatedly on one of mine. I noticed Holy crap that nail...
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    Service dog networking/community

    It does but tbh the service dog thing right now is so full of pretenders, frauds, and BS it's hard and getting harder to tell who is on the up and up, who is just plain crazy, and who is just a plain ol fashioned liar. One of the best resources imo are independent disabled persons advocacy...
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    Rabies exposure possibility?

    Was the cat still alive? Twitching? Stiff? Did your dog try to eat the cat or was it just sniffing? For all it's deadliness to the infected rabies is a pretty fragile virus when it comes to temperatures. It doesn't survive well outside of the body. That said there is a slight risk of...
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    I've always considered in good manners to include someone's kennel name if I bought the dog from them but I've always had the opportunity to pick call name and reg name. The only exception to that was purchasing an older dog who already was registered. I kept that one the same.
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    How do you feel about bark collars?

    Depends on the collar. I have one that will and another that will allow a litany of whale noises to be made while leaning against the glass sliding door.
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    How do you feel about bark collars?

    I have no problem with bark collars on dogs that seem to adapt well to them. Some dogs that are more sensitive to their universe or dogs who are amped to high levels are not ones I would use a bark collar on. It would just be unfair om that situation but the majority of dogs happily do just fine...
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    Favorite and least favorite boarding/daycare breeds

    Most of our basenjis came from the same family who was a retirement home for a show breeder. They had about 8 of them and they were all very social and stable. Funny how that works.
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    Favorite and least favorite boarding/daycare breeds

    Mini schnauzers by far I found the most unpleasant. The noise they make is beyond obnoxious into the destructive and I'm pretty sure would remove paint from the wall. I met more chows that were mentally ill destructive than most other breeds. One memorable one actually attacked the...
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    What do you like to see in a dog ramp?

    What I look for is the following. Lightweight and either folding flat or near flat. A texture that is easy to clean and not disgusting/cold/slippery to open using one's hand but also not slippery or shiny for the dog's ease of walking. Can be deployed onto uneven ground. Durable...
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    Immediately off-putting

    I think you are probably on to something with his fall blocking other dogs reading him but it also could be him not reading other dogs very well simply because he can't see them well. Back when I groomed I ran into this once with a soft coated wheaton who I had to shave his face in front of...
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    Getting into breeding

    Thanks, I am pretty happy with her-she's not perfect but she is closer to what I am after. She is unlikely to ever grace a ring again though as I see absolutely no value in it anymore. These experts are rarely that - temperament, train-ability, or health is worth no points - and frequently type...
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    Getting into breeding

    When I got into papillons no one was really interested in the following points which were very important to me. Temperament - everyone told me their dogs were sweet and friendly but the dogs I met in reality weren't really what I would consider great family dogs. They were sharp, shy, and...
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    Which breeds do you consider the most biddable?

    IMO it depends on what you're asking of the dog and how to fill their needs and wants. Any dog can be brilliant in their own way. Border collies are pretty easy to train, and are very biddable - unless they decide you're not worth listening to or think you're mistaken. Papillons are...
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    Favourite things to do with zucchini!