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    Debarking and declawing

    I never really understood the process of having the dew-claws removed. I'd rather not speak out either, as I've never witnessed or heard of this. I have seen pups with their dewclaws removed, but thats it. (Or are you talking about de-clawing cats?) :o
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    Sheltie Visit!!!

    Aww...ADORABLE! I love Shelties. Riot is adorable! Marcus is adorable too. Oh, I'm so jealous, they're all beautiful! Looks like you all had lots of fun!
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    Wanting a dog....

    Any pup that is brought up with a cat, should be ok. My Jack Russell(high prey drive) was brought up with a rabbit, and she is harmless, they cuddle sometimes. I would advise going to a shelter, they are the best ones out there, and have so much to offer! :D Good luck...
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    New police dogs where born

    Gorgeous Pups, and beautiful Momma! Did Peggy have all her puppies yet? She is a Malinois right? Hope to see many more puppy pics as they grow up! Oh...the puppy breath....;)
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    [-New Here, Want some pics?-]

    Everytime I come back, theres more and more replies! :D Oh, shes pretty hyper, but those are taken when I saw holding something(frisbee, ball, treat, etc) or after, when she was a tad bit exhausted! ;) Thanks everyone!
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    [-New Here, Want some pics?-]

    Thanks everyone! :D Yes, she is a Jack Russell, but with an un-docked tail. ;) We perferred it that way. I would have to agree on the watching terriers comment though, hysterical, always a joy to watch. Never can you have a sad moment with a terrier I find! Glad you are all enjoying the...
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    Newbie here!

    A hello from a fellow newbie! :) It looks like a great place so far! Hope you have a great time here, I will! Your pups sound darling, and are adorable! :D Welcome...
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    [-New Here, Want some pics?-]

    I know that smirk all too well.... Those were just a few of the very many!
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    [-New Here, Want some pics?-]

    Hello hello everyone! I made an introduction thread in the intro section of the forum. Looks like a great place! I thought I'd start on a good note, and show off some pictures of my grand little girl, Lexi. I'm so proud of this thing shes a great joy, and entertains us so much...
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    Gretta's gone

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always the hardest thing to do. :( I know it was for us. Many (((((HUGS))))) at this time for you. Gretta is pain free, running full of health at the bridge.
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    New kid on the block...

    Hello Everybody! I'm new here and was just browsing around and decided to join this forum. I have 12 pets in total. A Jack Russell, Lexi, a dwarf mix bunny, Skye, and 10 wonderful bettas. Names, here we go ;) Baine, Luck-Soar, Nero, Kale, Rebel, Cloud, Gunner, HotShot, Razzle& Dazzle. I'm...