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    Collar fanatics! Favorite collar sites?

    Hi all! I have an all black dog that I take to the beach every week or two, and it is always after dark as it really is not a dog beach, and there are usually no tourists around as they are pretty much at dinner, or doing whatever the tourists do after the sun goes down. I found a lighted...
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    Penny and her litter's Website

    There are lots of pics, a story written by the woman who built the webpage (she got one of Penny's puppies), even stories and pictures from the people who got Penny's other puppies. On the "new homes" pages, there are update buttons at the bottom of the pages which were written later by those...
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    If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricted breeds

    Who came up with this list? Is it even in this country? Or is it just listing dogs that are banned [I]somewhere?[I] In Florida, I really don't know of any banned breeds. I know that homeowners who rent out their homes, or apartment complexes many times will prohibit pit bulls, but other than...
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    You know, I had to laugh when I read this last line... not laughing at you, but, I was dating a guy one time, that believed HE needed to train MY dog since he was over here a couple nights a week. I got so darn sick of him "trying" to give commands to my dog, that everytime he did, I would...
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    If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricted breeds

    Well, I tried to click on the link, and there is no such page (I suppose any longer) so one would think that whole list is probably not real.
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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    Hmmm. Names..... Well, I have 3 dogs, and I have a theme running among them. The first was my cream colored chihuahua puppy, and I had no idea what to name her. So actually, a long distance friend of mine came up with her name... Penny. She had one litter, and I kept a little boy... Him, I...
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    4 Chinese Cresteds in our shelter

    I have to reply about this. Orange County Animal Services would not accept an app on a pregnant dog. She would never go home with someone if she were pregnant, unless it was one of their registered fosters. So, if she were pregnant, she would not be up for adoption, however, they would still...
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    Can someone explain this to me?

    I just came back from the beach with my dog, Millie. My friend John and I try to take her there in the evenings every couple weeks or so as she just loves it. Anywway, where we go, we usually do not see a single person as it is after dark, and kind of a secluded area. Tonight was different...
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    In loving memory of Rocky....

    You know, I did love him... so, so much! But I love all my dogs that way. It is harder in the end, but so joyful while we still have them. Thank you
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    My fave of Penny It is almost impossible to catch her smiling in a pic, but was able to do it this one time, and now it's my fave pic of her!
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    'Twas the (doggies') night before Christmas

    Hi all. I wrote this for my niece who lives up in New York (I am in Florida), and she loved it... hope you all enjoy it too! ‘Twas the (doggie’s) Night Before Christmas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, we were all quite chilly, Mom, Buck and Penny, even plush coated Millie...
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    My Littlest Chi get Infections from Rabies Vaccine.....

    Hey there. Yes, in Pasco county they do recognize it as my friend gets that for her dog (my penny's puppy). However, as far as I know in Seminole County, they do not recognize the 3 year rabies, but may the 3 yr annual vaccines (minus the rabies)>
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    My Littlest Chi get Infections from Rabies Vaccine.....

    Hi all. I have a 3 1/2 year old chi, and starting with his first rabies vaccine, the injection site gets infected. I notice it, about a month later, as a little fluid pack builds up, and gets bigger and bigger until the vet has to lance it, and then he puts him on double antibiotics. I...
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    In loving memory of Rocky....

    I lost Rocky four years ago, November 19th, 2005. I still cry for him frequently. I adopted him at approximately 7 years old, and he was one of a kind. He was so loving, loyal, faithful, and understood me. He was very vocal (and funny), to the point that when I would let him out at 2:00am to...
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    Some pics of my 4 babies

    Don't worry. I cut his nails regularly. They had gotten a little bit long when I broke the trimmers, and had to order online a new pair, and since they were backordered took me nearly 7 weeks to get them. I trim everyone's nails about once a week normally. :)