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  • Sorry! I was in and out. Chrissy had her exit interviews workshop for college and we didn't get in from that 'till late. :( I did catch the last part though, not shocking. I'd say that Liz is buh bye.
    YES!! I will get Kevin's laptop as usual! LOL............see you in a VERY little bit!

    HOORAY! The WITCH got sent home last week :D
    I can't! Stoopid thing hasn't been updated yet! Plus, I need to get off here and get dressed.........still in jammies :p
    Erm........what visitor message did I ignore? I think you are losing it sister! hahaha
    I don't even know what a VM is..........:confused: But I am SURE if I did know, I wouldn't ignore you dear :)
    And why are you sticking your tongue at me while eating popcorn? Is there something I am missing?
    Nothing, I was wondering if you were wearing baby powder.. I'm on a bit of a tangent today! LOL!
    Hello dear! I wish you were here :( Oh well.........I can send you some (((HUGGERS))) anyway :D

    I am NOT a happy woman about Biggest loser!! I REALLY hope Ron and Mike fall below tonight and America votes Mike OUT OF IT just to p!ss Ron off!!! Muahahahahahah!!

    Sorry! I have so much crap going on right now........and when I say crap, that is exactly what I mean :( Zac broke his nose Thursday at school, that is the most recent CRAP, but there are a long line of tiny incidents like that.

    I normally have about 5-10 minutes to pop in, look around, and then I am off again......just like now :(
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