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    Those russian domesticated foxes.. now for sale

    I'd love to have kids someday, but seeing them locked up in school all day, just to grow up and work 9-5 in an office would break my heart. </sarcasm> I have owned rats, fish, a hedgehog, cats and now have a snake and dogs. Even the fish got special attention in their "cages" (yes, my fish ate...
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    Kinda dog related - I got a new job

    So, I turned in my resignation at PetSmart a month ago, have a few more weeks left to go as I finish off classes (got 5 running right now). Last night I got the formal offer from the company I wanted to work for doing web development. They offered more than I had expected, enough in fact, that...
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    Interesting article about origin of dogs

    I'm confused. Does the article say Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not from Africa? It's too early for reading...
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    Michael Vick...

    What's up with Target?
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    For Those with Failed Fosters

    I had the opposite problem. When I had Hadley, people told me all the time how much they'd want her, and how they were going to steal her and they loved her. When I needed to find a home for her, I spent 2 months asking everyone and putting ads up, and no one would take her. I finally gave her...
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    For those who vilify us show people

    And who determines that and how? ....
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    Those russian domesticated foxes.. now for sale

    Actually most apartment policies say no exotic animals, and animals have to be approved. That doesn't mean people don't sneak in snakes, rodents, etc. Even cats. It's just dogs that are hard to hide. I'd imagine a fox that needs walking would be too. That said... WANT!
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    Dogs learning by copying

    I've occasionally started working with a dog and forgot to "charge" the clicker, and they didn't seem to suffer for it. The first thing I teach them is Watch me and they seem to pick up on the concept from that one thing. I've also skipped straight to sit and they get it. To answer the actual...
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    Dog Daycamps that accept intact males, McKinney TX?

    I'm thinking if I take him a few places while he's 4-6 months, maybe they will do a case-by-case basis after seeing that he's well behaved. Small places.
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    Dog Daycamps that accept intact males, McKinney TX?

    It was easier to find a camp for the pit puppy than my Reed. Sheesh.
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    Dog Daycamps that accept intact males, McKinney TX?

    Daycamp - I'm starting a 1 year contract with a new full-time job, and I'm trying to find somewhere he can go maybe 3 times a week while I'm at work. He's not being neutered, not at least until 2 years. He's 4 months now.
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    Dog Daycamps that accept intact males, McKinney TX?

    Anyone know of any? My googling is failing me. McKinney, Dallas, Irving, that area?
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    A Sad reminder to check out your breeder thoroughly

    I have to think that someone like that had some sort of mental problem. It almost sounds like she started out with good intentions, and then just didn't know how to fix her situation.
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    Planning Advanced class graduation party

    Hey guys! Was hoping you could help me come up with some ideas for my advanced class's graduation party. This is the first advanced class I've had with more than 1 dog, and it's also my last class. (I'm leaving PetSmart) We're on week 4 this week, 4 more to go, but I want to plan now to make it...
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    "Breeders Kill!" Peta at it again... at Westminster.

    This reminds me, I was watching AEE and one of the stars apparently is a PETA supporter. Made me turn the show off. I'm glad they made the PETA people leave.