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    Anyone from Alberta?

    Edmonton is COLD Edmonton is COLD. So cold it hurts to breathe. If i was forced to live in Alberta again, it would be no farther north than Calgary. Lived for 19 years in different areas of Edmonton and the older I got - the length of winter just became too much. Snow in August? Edmonton...
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    How Do I Tell Someone They Stink??

    Been There Speaking from experience, when very depressed I didn't really care how I looked. Didn't want to be around anyone and only did so because people hound you if you try to be alone. It takes so much energy to 'pretend' to do the normal things and there really seems to be no point to do...
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    I'll just come out and say it.

    Can't see why anyone would flame you for doing what was best for all concerned. Have a great day.
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    So I've been pretty quiet...

    It's amazing what a person can handle and still go on. I never say things couldn't get any worse! Hope things improve greatly. Take care.
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    MENSA Definitions -- from Bob

    Very good. Thanks
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    Life and Death Masks

    Thanks, that was interesting.
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    The Best Canada Day ever..

    I'm not on the same intellectual level as you. I get annoyed when people use the 'life isn't fair' excuse. I know life isn't fair - how could it possibly be? Life is random. When people are involved in making decisions, that's when fairness can be exercised - it has nothing to do with...
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    Across the street

    Like you said, with all you have in your own life, to be forced to watch because it's where you live, all of this play out, knowing it's going to end badly for the animals must be torture for you. There is no solution when you're dealing with morons. I'll keep you and their poor animals in...
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    Wet blanket here. Going to be 61 in a few months. Married twice, one for 12 yrs and then 22 yrs. I ended both, and now that I am alone - it's the happiest I've been in my life. Maybe it's selfishness, not answering or justifying my statements/actions - I feel more alive, strong. I guess it...
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    I lost

    So sorry it ended this way.
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    Please 'Like' The Connor Cares Foundation on Facebook

    Hit the Like. Take care.
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    please vote for allie's photo

    Sometimes I surprise myself how dumb I am. Anyway, I hit the Like on the QT Pie Creations :)
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    cement pond

    That sounds like a blast (although I'm a sinker - wouldn't venture into the 9 ft) and super cheap. It's great when you come across novel things to have a good time. Yes, pictures a must next time.
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    The Best Canada Day ever..

    Thanks everyone. I know I'm insignificant provincially or federally, chances of being heard are basically nil. But I should be able to ask questions and expect truthful answers, and not be stonewalled/ignored in my little community - population around 1200. It was a huge victory this week...
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    cement pond

    That's pretty different. Was it sloped and how deep?