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    I think Mikey

    Like they say: eat your greens!! Micky must really take that seriouse. LOL
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    When i first got my puppy papillion She always had accidents in the house. Now she is getting alot better and barks when she needs to go out or just stares at me as if saying: Heloo, I got to go. LOL :p
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    My dogs once got a peice of choclate and was ok but i'm always cautiouse about them getting choclate
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    Greenies, have your heard of them??

    I'll take extra caution now. i usually wacth my dogs like a hawk while eating treats. My dogs love them! I've got two small doggies who eat them in a minute. I agree, they are expensive. I once got greenie bits which are little bite size peices. They are less expensive. I used them to train my pup.
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    Anyone tried new Iams Savory Sauce

    :eek: What a peice of junk. I haven't ever tried IAMS products and now that i know, i will never.
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    My First Puppy .. Questions..?

    sorry about your pup :( i'm with with sage( i got my fingers crossed, too!) i hope hes ok. keep us all updated
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    Getting a Malamute puppy!!!!!!!

    oh, i'm so excited, too! Congrats.i can't wait to see some cute pics of your new pup
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    Thinking of Names

    how about rocky? or maybe coco? anyway, he is soooo cute. Romeo "n" julietsmama, i'm greek so maybe i am fasanating, too! LOL
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    Choosing a puppy (Akita/German shepherd)

    yeah, i agree with Renee75oil. i would pick the one pup that really is sweet and i would more so go with a female from what you heard. well, i would love to see some pics so post 'em soon! :)
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    Need Help Naming Our New Pup!

    i love jade, what a cute name :) Congrats! sure fits such a gorgeos looking dog. give her a hello kissy from me when you get her.oh and good luck with her ;)
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    Help With Names

    when i got my doggy, me and my sister(alyssa) named her candy because shes a dashund and when she sleeps, she rolls up ina little ball and looks like a m&m. lol! cute huh? :)
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    new here

    hey, i'm new here too. i have 2 dogs,6 fishtanks,and 1 hamster.i love the pic of your yorkie all dressed up. i love to dress up my dog, princess(2 yr old papillion) up in all different outfits, too :) .
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    bath time...

    i use baby johnsons baby shampoo on my 2 dogs,too. One of them is 2 the other one i 9. i started bathing my dog, princess when she was 4 1/2 months old.The people i adopted her from said to give her a bath as soon as i got home, they didn't want to give her one at there place baecause she was...
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    Got another puppy!

    when i got my 2nd dog, princess(papilion), she was not used to our other dog, candy(dashund) what we did to get them used to eachother was get a fence like thing and seporate them. then when they settled and stopped barking and going crazy, i put them together in one room. now, there best buds...
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    Puppy poo???

    i hope it works! :p