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    insparation please

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    insparation please

    here are a few of the sort of things i like doing if it helps.
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    Random Pics from New Camera

    nice piccies!
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    When's your birthday?

    im 4th feb
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    insparation please

    uh? sorry im obvioulsy not that clever so simple things please:lol-sign:
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    insparation please

    i know what u mean, i love flowers and butterflies and bugs but there is nothing out there.
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    insparation please

    well i have a great new camera but have ran out of ideas of what to take pics of, the poor dogs r sick of me and as the weather is bad there doesnt seem to be much outside to photograph so can somebody give me some ideas pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeee eeeeeeee...
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    all i know is it makes you paranoid, my EX smoked it all the time and is as paranoid as they come, but i do think they should legalize prostitution and no i am not a prostitute.
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    its ok, its a good question as they really dont like the heat, Anoushka likes to lay in the porch where its cooler and what feels warm to us makes her pant so im dreading the summer!!
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    sorry i have no idea, do you mean because of the heat? only mine is just a pet that we will hopefully show, im not a breeder and i live in the UK so weather is very different here, sorry i cant be any more help!
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    Dog Abuse? Cocoa thinks so!

    well i think she looks gorgeous wet and dry!!
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    big pud!!

    this is anoushkas paw and she is 15 weeks old hence we do NOT teach her to give her paw (or any of our dogs come to that)
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    Why your puppy needs a TOY BOX

    mine have a toy box, we just bought them a new one and i want to replace some of the destroyed toys but not sure they will like them so much!
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    Yikes! check out this AWFUL breeder!

    i dont know how to put this without getting acussed of taking sides as im not but the point i want to make is be very careful of what you are saying as in this country you can be sued for defamation of character and slander and by actually puting the things you are saying in writing you could...
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    Yikes! check out this AWFUL breeder!

    my honest opinion is they have a serious lack of understanding, it would seem he is being honest with you but im sure he has no idea they way things should be done, they need educating but how you would go about it i have no idea.