Hey guys I'm a 22 year old female, I love animals and have raised several dogs and cats. Currently I am the semi proud owner of a staffy and a bully and the adopted mom to another bully.

Stormy is the staffy, at 13 she is the oldest and is suffering from arthritis and appears to be having memory issues. We call her Stinky Stormy because she likes to purposefully nose us at the worst moments.

Rowdy is a three year old bully and he lives up to his name, he was abandoned as a pup and I found him. He has epilepsy but outside of that is just a love.

Mary Jane, who I just call Janey, is the youngest at 10 weeks. She is also technically my room mates puppy but she has bonded to me. She is stupid smart and just refuses to listen. She recently got over parvo and is the whole reason I created a profile here because of her health issues.
Jun 22, 1995 (Age: 25)


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