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    hi all new member here

    hey welcome aboard! Im owned by 2 great danes "Stripe" & "Nitro"
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    Considering Great Danes

    Hi there, Im owned by 2 great danes, and honestly ill never regret that decsion ever. Danes are people orientated, and love and thrive to around you all the time. They are NOT outside dogs at all. They are so eager to please, and basically love any attention. Feeding a dane can be expensive...
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    nitros show results

    Aww thanks you guys, and nitro sends the biggest virtual slobbers to you all! LOL Hes such a sweetie and growing like a weed, hes only 9.5mths old ya know! LOL
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    nitros show results

    Hi all, Sorry ive been away for a while, been busy showing, and moving our business back to our house. Nitro and i were at a 3 day show this weekend we did very well Sat am ~~ CC Dog & RU BOB Sat Pm ~~ CC Dog Sun ~~ CC Dog & BOB im so pleased with my baby boy, here are some pics from...
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    Happy Birthday 2pups622!

    Happy Birthday! Hope You Have A Great Day
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    Happy Birthday?????????

    Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday Sweet Nicola, Happy Birthday To Me! Sorry Guys Just Had To Humour Myself :d Turning The Big 24 Today!
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    hi... i'm lacey

    Welcome aboard!
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    Hapy Birthday Roni!!

    Happy birthday!!!!
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    thank you

    Yup hurry & get back soon BB. Were all here for ya darlin!
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    My stuff

    HOw talented are you! They are great BB
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    Their gone!!

    ohh BB im sorry i havent posted before hand only just been able to get on here. Im so glad that you found ypur babies safe & Sound. Worrying mummy like that is horrible isnt it! Hugs & Kisses for them all round please
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    pictures of the dog-owners

    ok heres me. Me in my wedding dress Nov 04
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    Happy Birthday Datyn's Mom!!

    happy birthday We here hope you have a fnantastic day! :0)
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    Just to say Hi

    Hey Baby Blue. Chin up mate, things will be ok, just look out and after yourself and those beautiful doggies of yours. If you ever need a shoulder or need to talk please feel free to pm or email me ok Hugs
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    Dog Show

    yes i show great danes in Australia