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    Grain Free Treats

    No Wheat * No Grain * No Corn * No Oats * No Rice * No Soy * No Dairy * No Preservatives * No Additives Check out Home Page! Our Roasted Chickpea flour is an excellent GRAIN FREE alternative. made from the popular chickpea (aka garbanzo bean) which are soaked and sprouted, then roasted to a...
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    My Old Man

    Awww :) What an awesome looking dog! Love all the pictures of Zeus. One of my friends has an Akita but I have never seen a black one, he is so handsome. Home Page
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    Hey Everyone

    Hey everyone, My name is Rachel and I have four dogs in my life.....two our mine and two our my mother in laws but we spend a lot of time together and their all family. Max, Rocky, Babsi, and Boosy. We live down south in Florida and we love going to the dog park and dog beach whenever we can...
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    Top 8 'People Foods' That Are Toxic To Pets

    Other common toxins are apple seed, olives, and avocado. My Rocky LOVES apples so I cut the apple in half and take out all the seeds for him. Its a great snack for him to have. My dogs also love to eat whole raw carrots. Home Page GRAIN FREE
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    Picture Thread for RAW feeders!

    fish heads Here are some pics of my dogs eating fish heads and a pic of their lunch time pattie mix.
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    why do my dogs have fleas when they're on frontline?

    One natural thing I like to do is apply apple cider vinegar to their coat and also give it to them orally. It repels fleas from getting on to the coat and by the dog ingesting it orally it makes the fleas repel even more!!!! (along with many other benefits) some dogs you need to hide the ACV in...
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    Handling poisoning in animals.

    This past Halloween my dog got into a bag of chocolate candy and pretty much ate the whole bag. I when immediately online and found that many people said to use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. I gave him only 2 tbs and in minutes he barfed up everything including rappers. It really worked...
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    Dekka needs some vibes

    Do you think Dekka got into something? Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to something…. My best wishes to you both, hope Dekka feels better soon. Just a tip for anyone who has a dog that eats something poisonous > give them a little hydrogen peroxide down their throat and it will make them...
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    Please Help Me: for those feeding raw.

    There is so much to learn about raw feeding but once you do it for a while it becomes a lot easier. When we witnessed firsthand the huge benefits of good healthy nutrition, there was no turning back. Raw was the best thing I did for the dogs. I feed them a pattie for lunch and a meat/bone...
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    Best Grain Free for the Price?

    Over the past few years I have learned so much, and mostly about our pack....Max, Rocky, Babsi and Boo. Like you, we are dedicated to our dogs who deserve the best. So when we witnessed first hand the huge benefits good healthy nutrition, there was no turning back. We are so impressed with...