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    Election Results

    It wouldn't really matter if the USA recognizes secession as legal or not, because the state can do it anyhow. The only thing it makes a difference of is that if a state does secede, the USA can just invade them no problem because that state is still technically part of the USA. They don't...
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    Dr. Who question

    Are you watching the very first season or the first of the new seasons?
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    Election Results

    Yah but the problem is they allow themselves to be convinced he's a demon in the first place. It's an underlying issue of people wanting someone to hate, I think. I'm no psychologist, so I really don't understand how people become so convinced that someone is actively seeking to destroy the...
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    Reaction to Tape worm shot?

    Neat, never heard of a shot for tapeworms. We just give espirantel PO. Do you know what they injected him with?
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    Can I pick your brain on urine issues?

    What's the water intake like? Have they tried taking him off the herbs for a while for them to clear and see if it helps?
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    Head tremors

    Neat. Could be a cerebellar thing. Taking it to the vet may be a good idea just to rule out other causes that can be identified (vs idiopathic which is basically a fancy word for 'we don't know why that happens yet'. Bit more to it but that's the gist).
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    Would this concern you?

    Is she regurgitating by chance? Have you tried to feel/watch her throat to see if she swallows or not?
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    Is this true or false?

    I don't think the weaning has anything to do with this. Colostrum is only secreted for the first 24 hours or so (I think it may be 48 in dogs, but you ideally want it within the first 8) from the mother and there's a time limit on when the puppy can absorb it too. I can't remember if it's in...
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    Great Vet, Crummy Tech

    Just ask not to have that tech on the case. It's no big deal. I had one client who refused to deal with me because her dog flinched on 1/18 nails I clipped. :rolleyes: Oh well, can't win them all.
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    Veterinary Disconnect

    This. It surprises me some of the questions people ask or when I'm explaining things the things they'll get hung up on. You try to explain it in layman terms but it's like speaking two different languages at times. About a week ago I was explaining a pneumothorax to my mom and she didn't...
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    Election Results

    Oh yay, here we go with the secede **** again. I really do not understand how some folks' first reactions to the results are to FREAK THE **** OUT!
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    Who are you? 2012 Edition

    Actually I did think about you while we were over there but it was a bit of a whirlwind tour so didn't think it'd be possible to set up a time/date. Went to Bonn, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover, and Norderney. Were in each city for about 2-3 days.
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    I guess I should show y'all this little guy.

    Good, just busy, busy, and more busy. They keep heaping stuff on top of us. "Oh, 3 tests this week, with two on the same day? Ok well we're also doing a surgery the day before the tests that generally takes y'all about 6 hours to complete, and we'll go ahead and start that at 3 PM. Hope you...
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    I guess I should show y'all this little guy.

    Y'all haven't met Kita the Akita (we didn't name him..) yet I don't think. My parents got him about...a year ago now, I guess? Not quite sure to be honest. No more than a year though. Well we lost Leo about a year and a half ago to GDV. It was very sudden (as is the case with most...
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    Who are you? 2012 Edition

    Well, since this is a picture thread, I'll tell you in picture form (better than in song). What lured me over there was this: What I ended up doing was this: So went over to Germany for a study abroad trip and ended up walking 560 miles as well on the Camino de Santiago. Pretty...