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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    I live in the suburbs behind a huge off-lead park/reserve. Lots of dogs and families in my neighbourhood and I see a lot of the dogs while we are out walking. They are mostly mid-sized breeds, lots of border collies, labs, goldies, spaniels, mixes etc or older people with small breeds. One...
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    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Of my 4 dogs there is only one I think would be useful in a zombie apocalypse. That would be Scout the older of the 2 Brittanys. She is an awesome hunting dog, so we would eat fine. She is also extremely suspicious (so I could sleep at night with her on watch) and in the final showdown she would...
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    Polish Lowland Sheepdog // Standard Schnauzer

    One of my friends has a PON. He is around a year old. He is happy and bouncy and friendly with dogs and people. However he seems to me to be hard to train as he is very distracted by the environment and other dogs when outside of their home. They are experienced dog owners and he looks like hard...
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    Ridiculous things your dog has done

    Scout our older French Brittany is the worst dog I have known for both rolling is very disgusting things and eating things that are not edible. How she has never been to a vet for obstruction surgery I do not know. It has been an interesting 4 years so far even though I know what she is like and...
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    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    Border Collies, German Shepherds and a lot of the gundogs breeds, mainly the english springer/cocker spaniels and setters (but also Goldies and labs). Some of the HPR breeds (such as GSP, Weim, Viszla) I can't tell the difference from looking at them if are a working dog or a show one, and some...
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    Fenzi Courses

    Really enjoying gundog foundations so has a very active facebook lurker group too :)
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    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    I have had 3 males (all intact) and 5 females (3 spayed 2 entire). The boy BC I have now is the poster child for doofus mama's boys. I always wanted a boy like that :) The other 2 I don't recall a lot of difference between them and the females. I usually prefer to have females of the two breeds...
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    Fenzi Courses

    A gold spot is way out of my price range with the US$ and NZ$ exchange rate being so bad at the moment but I am taking 2 classes at Bronze :) They are both new classes so don't really know anything about them except both sounded good. "Gundog Foundations" with 4 month old Brittany puppy...
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    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    I have met 2 dogs who were the only examples of their breed in my country so I count them as very rare: Stabyhound Portuguese Podengo
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    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    I find it interesting so many people want Mals. The ones I have met are very impressive working dogs but I would only consider one if I didn't have ANY other dogs and could devote all my time to that dog. And only worked part time :) 1. Another boy BC. I always had girl BCs before Kep and I...
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    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    For me, 2 or 3 is ideal, each spaced about 4 years apart in age. We have 4 and my two (Border Collies) are 5 years apart in age. The Brittanys are my husbands and are almost 4 years apart in age, unfortunately they overlap with the BCs, so the oldest of them all is only 6. When my older...
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    What is your dog's favorite breed?

    Gael, despite being a spayed female and a serious sort of dog, loves any entire males and loses her mind and goes all ears back and flirty. Scout likes big solid dogs. Black or black and tan is a preference. Scout would like me to get a Rottweiler. An entire male Rottweiler would...
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Our French Brittany girl Scout was leased by a registered breeder to have an AI litter with imported semen. My husband wanted to keep a boy pup. She had just the two girls in July, and the breeder was happy with their girl pup. Four dogs in an absolute limit for us and we had 3 already. Despite...
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    Collar or harnesses?

    Harnesses on the Brittanys. Just easier to control them. As we were walking on the footpath one day a cat leapt from a wall right in front and started hissing, Scout lunged so hard I thought she was going to break her neck and she coughed for a week afterwards. There are some places we only walk...
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    Does your dog meet standard?

    Kep and Gael absolutely not, they are ISDS parentage border collies (although also NZ kennel club registered). They are leggy, have a medium length coat, not to mention Kep has two (gorgeous!) up ears and Gael has one up and one sideways. Scout does meet standard and in fact has done one...