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    FDA warning about grain free diet

    I'm sure you've all heard about this... Does anyone remember how to contact the active poster from 10 years ago that founded the dog food project and seemed to know a lot about food? I've been joining facebook groups about the issue and a lot of people are recommending royal canin for good...
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    What happened?

    Don't think anyone new is coming and people are slowly leaving, so yeah...
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    That sounds like a tasty hobby, lol.
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    Man I loved the Vampire series. Which reminds me that I need to read the last one.
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    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    Well for what it's worth, I would be peeved if I had to chase down every single customer to get paid too. Sorry. 3 month delay on a bill is not a small delay and I'd be pretty peeved as well. If your employer was 3 months late on paying you, how would you react?
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    Re-reading the Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson before starting the next two. On my to-read list is those and Calamity, that's coming out in 3 weeks.. and a couple novellas from him that I have on my Kindle.... Just love Brandon Sanderson... Also got a novella to read from Brent Weeks while...
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    Everyone on East Coast okay from Snowzilla?

    No problem here. Just a bunch of snow. Not sure how much, we measured yesterday 14 inches, but 5 more inches fell after that on the part of the sidewalk that we had shoveled, but just packed on the 14 inches we already it only measured at 15 inches this morning, but very heavy snow and...
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    2016 Fitness Goals

    I want to be able to do one hour on the treadmill at 15% incline and 3.3mph. My best so far is 13.5 but between getting sick too much and my calves hurting too much, it's been a while since I did that... So, that's my goal (and I don't cheat by holding the bar). And maybe reach 275 calories...
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    Living far from family

    Well it depends on your relationship with them. I can't say it's been a problem for me, although my mom doesn't like it (she comes to visit 3x a year and I could do with less). I don't miss my brother, I miss my sister sometimes but we argue a lot and she comes to visit occasionally, so it's not...
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    Baking (started making my own bread... which I pretty much have to do 3x a week), cooking, watching TV shows, exercising... I used to be a gamer, but I haven't found a game that caught my interest since Dragon Age 3... And reading but I can never seem to find enough quiet time to do it...
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    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Awesome! I've gained 3-4 pounds in a year, most of it in the last 5 weeks. I've been having horrible PMS with an insane appetite for over a year now, but I usually make up for it the 2 weeks after my period because I'm not very hungry then, but this time Thanksgiving, a wedding, and...
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    Trick Cat! + Updates of the girls

    Oh man I love your cats!
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Awesome. Holidays are so much more fun with kids (until they start asking for $600 worth of presents for Christmas, obviously :rofl1:).
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Neat. I sent a request!