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    help with the new guy!

    well we got our new sheltie :) We named him laddie. We got him from a rescue organisation. He's such a good boy, great temperament from what I can see so far. He gets along great with Penny although I can definately tell that he hasn't been fixed yet. Being quite the " male" around her lol. He's...
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    We got him!!! Meet Laddie

    hello! well today was the day. We went to pick up our new sheltie! We named him Laddie. He's about two years old. Got him from a rescue group. He was all the way in northern quebec so he had a long trip today. He is absolutely huge! I can't believe how big he is, if someone would tell me...
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    i'm really worried!

    that's a tough situation :S i'm sorry for you that your mom doesn't take taking care of a dog a bit more serious... I can only imagine how hard that must be for you to deal with. I can't tell you if it would be worms but I definately agree with your idea that taking her to the vet would be a...
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    Penny (sheltie) pictures :) all grown up now...

    thank you all again!!!:) I told Penny again what a pretty girl she is and it made her very happy ;) She's actually not doing too good at the moment. Diarhea (sp?) and has been kind of quiet the last couple of days. Going to the vet in an hour, think she might have some kind of worm. Hopefully...
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    Penny (sheltie) pictures :) all grown up now...

    We get to go pick him up on sunday!!! I'm sooo excited! Can't wait to see how him and Penny will get along :D Once he's settled in and feeling at home we will take him for pictures as well for sure!:) thanks everyone else for the comments:)
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    Some Disney Pictures

    what a cutie! He looks like such a happy dog :)
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    Who wants to be Riots cheerleader?!

    awwww that's a weekend i'm going camping or else I would SOOOOO go!!! Kingston I dont think is that far away from here! I will see what I can do :)
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    Penny (sheltie) pictures :) all grown up now...

    We got some pictures done of Penny, thought i'd share!!:) my babygirl is all grown up now...
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    Royal Canin

    Penny is on RC and she loves it. The only thing I found is that it makes her a picky eater. After putting her on RC once she really didn't like anything else anymore and I've heard that more often from other people.
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    Play Day *video*

    Watching vid's of your dogs always makes me so happy! lol they are looking like they have such a good time together:) Beautiful dogs, all of them!:)
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    Two new Siamese Kittens

    so cute! Love the pictures!:)
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    Do the girls or boys rule??

    Male: husband, stepson, 3 cats, 3 guinea pigs Female: me, Penny Undetermined: Lizzard, fish Even if the last two turn out to be girls there would still be more boys. But if they rule the house?? sure I will let them think they do ;)
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    Who wants to see the Special "Project"?!

    that was so nice! that must have taken forever to do! great job:)
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    Riots Famous!

    Riot is so handsome!! I love his pictures! Will keep my fingers crossed for ya! Also love crosbie's pic!
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    Grammy's New Baby

    Some things are just meant to be... I'm so happy for you! And for Ollie, I'm sure he couldn't have found a better home! Hope everything goes well today and that he'll get along with Hunter really well!