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    Hi, welcome to the forum
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    Blue Wilderness

    Yeah, that went through my mind, good thing she's a chihuahua, lol
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    Blue Wilderness

    Just the one can. Anyway I'm trying home made food. I cooked chicken, I added carrots while the chicken was cooking and I boiled pasta in a separate pot. Mixed it all together while adding some of the broth from the cooked chicken. My dog loved it. Made enough to last a few days. Hope it doesn't...
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    Hello again

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    Blue Wilderness

    So I got a can and I'm really disappointed, the small can cost almost $5 and it looks and smells like any other commercial dog food, and my dog won't touch it.
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    Blue Wilderness

    Cesar slices but she prefers cat food (she only gets cat food occasionally). The blue wilderness has fish in it so I thought she might be more eager to eat it.
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    Blue Wilderness

    Anyone feed their dog Blue wilderness? I want to switch my dog to a better quality food.
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    Hello from Canada!

    I've always had Chihuahuas.
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi, I'm in Canada too. That's some cutie you have there!!
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    I don't think it really matters. My dog has always got both. Dry dog food is better for the teeth.
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    Training or Abuse?

    The puppy should not have been treated this way and you were right in finding it a new home. Dog training requires being firm and consistent but not screaming and slapping a puppy around. First and foremost training requires patience and making a puppy feel secure in its surroundings .
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    How to make rescue dog quickly become a member of the family?

    My advice is to be patient. It takes time and a month is not that long. Keep training and be consistent
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    No they aren't my favorite but they are small enough that they don't require regular walks in rain or snow. I'm not sure what my favorite dog is, I like them all, ha, ha
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    Homemade Dog Cartoons

    I thought the head tilt meant that they are interested in what you are saying but don't get it, lol