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    Free Bookmarks

    I made some free printable and editable bookmarks for kids with cat and dog, you are welcome to download them at
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    Peeing on the couch?! HELP!!

    You should have her checked out by a vet, peeing while lying down sounds like a medical condition.
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    I didn't say say dry dog food cleans teeth, it's better for the teeth in that it doesn't stick to the teeth the way wet food does so less tartar build up, and the bigger the kibble the less tartar. Overall though I think wet dog food is more natural and nutritious, that's why I was giving my dog...
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    Vaccination for Puppy

    Take it to the vet, he will tell you what the puppy needs.
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    So what do I need to do....

    I think a lot of the old members just "outgrew" the forum. In my opinion what would help is better search engine placement to get new members. When doing a search for "dog forums" Chaz does not show up, if it could move up in the search results I think that might get things going at least a little.
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    Multi-Vitamin to add to Home Made Dog Food

    I'm just wondering, why do you feel that you need to add vitamins to your dog's diet? I recently started my dog on home cooked meals but I don't add any supplements. Her dinner consists of cooked chicken, with cooked carrots and pasta mixed together.
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    Help! Dog started pooping in the house!

    All I can think of is to confine her to a small area when she is alone and also to be sure to remove all traces of the scent where she went before.
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    Hi, welcome to the forum
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    Blue Wilderness

    Yeah, that went through my mind, good thing she's a chihuahua, lol
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    Blue Wilderness

    Just the one can. Anyway I'm trying home made food. I cooked chicken, I added carrots while the chicken was cooking and I boiled pasta in a separate pot. Mixed it all together while adding some of the broth from the cooked chicken. My dog loved it. Made enough to last a few days. Hope it doesn't...
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    Hello again

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    Blue Wilderness

    So I got a can and I'm really disappointed, the small can cost almost $5 and it looks and smells like any other commercial dog food, and my dog won't touch it.
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    Blue Wilderness

    Cesar slices but she prefers cat food (she only gets cat food occasionally). The blue wilderness has fish in it so I thought she might be more eager to eat it.
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    Blue Wilderness

    Anyone feed their dog Blue wilderness? I want to switch my dog to a better quality food.
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    Hello from Canada!

    I've always had Chihuahuas.