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    How big are your dogs?!

    Luce (pit bull) is 18" and 45 lbs Steve (Border Collie) is 21.5" and 40 lbs. Bean is 20ish " and 36 lbs Hambone is 15" and 23 lbs
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    Which breed would you rather have?

    English Setter, but field bred. Because they're delightful. Leonberger or Cane Corso??
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    What is your ideal pack?

    three dogs i think. So i can take one and the other two will have each others' company.
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    How did you get into dogs?

    I adopted Luce just to be a pet. She was INSANE and way more than I could handle, which led to repeated obedience classes, which led to rally obedience, which led to... well... yeah.
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    People edition: What did you accomplish in 2014?

    Got engaged. Beat anorexia.
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    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Run 500 miles Finish a half marathon in April and another in the fall so that I can get a Road Apple award.
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    2014: what'd you learn, what'd you accomplish? And what are your dog goals for 2015?

    2014: accomplished... not much. Too busy being mentally ill. Steve did get his ONYX in flyball in August and finally got his ribbon today. Steve ONYX by pitbulljunkie, on Flickr 2015 goals: get Hambone up and running in flyball. He's doing full runs and started working on passing tonight...
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    Favorite Vacation Spots

    Sanibel Island, Florida It's gulf coast, totally laid back, has amazing sea shell collecting (some of the best in the world) and huge birds all over the place. Pelicans just hanging out on the beach like, yo.
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    Do you trust people to watch your dog(s)?

    I've been in and out of the hospital the past two years, so I've learned to let go my stranglehold and trust other people with my dogs. I'm lucky to be surrounded by dog-savvy friends, and Hambone and Bean at least fit seamlessly into other peoples' packs. And I am trying to learn to trust...
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    Why drew you to the breed of dog you own?

    pit bulls: their exuberance and ridiculousness. border collies: their intensity and athleticism combined with their desire to work treeing feist: i saw his picture on facebook and knew he had to be mine :p browndog by pitbulljunkie, on Flickr
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    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    Bean is, though he's never been to one. He goes to daycare and is fantastic at dog-dog interactions. Ham would probably do fine in a dog park setting. He's been great in every off-leash dog group I've had him in, even with the intact male who was constantly wanting to hump him. He told him...
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    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    steve. no question.
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    If it was your SO's choice...

    GSD. Im tryin to convince him a Belgian Tervuren would be better....
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    Your dog's history?

    Luce: picked up as a young adult running as a stray with another pit bull. maybe had a litter before i adopted her? she's 12 now. old fart. Steve and Beanhead: raised by breeder til 7 1/2 weeks then home with me. no excuses for their boneheaded behavior. Hambone: no idea. Showed up on a...
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    Molosser breed's for SD work??

    while i recognize that there are special snowflakes in every breed, as a whole, i do not believe the hard-core molossers are appropriate as service dogs. i also think in the hands of a breed-knowledgeable trainer that they have a better shot at being successful, but most people i see seeking...