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    I have an Idea: Food pantry for dogs courtesy of Chaz?

    I could help We get adoption packets from a company to give out to people when they adopt a dog from us. Boxes of the packets are delivered three times a year and there is way more than we can use. The packet includes a sample size bag of dog food. I would be more than happy to send several...
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    Former special rescue dog needs help

    Hi, I'm new here and found this site while browsing for places to spread the word about this lil doggie that needs help. I think I'm going to hang out here for awhile though...this is a GREAT place and I'm glad I found it. I co-founded a non profit rescue group called Second Chance Pets in 1994...
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    Hello...New member and mom of four beautiful mutts!

    I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to find places to post the story of one of our former Second Chance Pets doggies that needs helps. In the process of doing this, I have come across some wonderful places and I think I am going to enjoy this place a lot. I'm seeing a lot of like...