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    Irresponsible Dog Owners!

    ARG!!!... I hate irresponsiable dog owners... those are the kind of people who cause BSL :mad: grrr... people need to learn how to not be so ignorant and to realize when their dog needs some training and crap... these kind of people make me mad... stupid idiotic undeserving dog owners...
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    I don't want to set him up to fail

    Teaching him how to heel would help with the pulling on the leash... heeling is not pulling on the leash... and if he doesnt have a high food drive then maybe use something that he does have a high drive for... like say a toy or something...
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    Who is Who on here? *ALL PEOPLE POST!!!*

    just ingore this post........
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    the daily sketch

    my digital camera sucks to much to take a pic of my sketch :(
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    any good name suggestions for a boy?

    ummm i like ...... Max....... Zachary........Josh.........and FILBERT!!!! lol just joking :P(bout the filbert one)lol
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    New Puppy Doodle in The House

    HI!!! :D and welcome to the forum hope u enjoy :) and hope to see pics of ur puppy dogs soon :)
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    Dog attack with a twist.

    true but still idk...........stupid people grrr......they prolly made the pit bulls reputation worse by publishing this stupid thingy o well
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    the daily sketch

    does it have to be a sketch of a dog??
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    Dog attack with a twist.

    They shouldnt have put the dog down :'( ..........most likely it wasnt the dogs fault.......they should have been watching them closer of something they are stupid people i agree with the dispatcher *nods*
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    Do you prefer girls or boys?

    lol......hmmm i have had experience in training both genders but hmmmm im not sure really guys are more clumsy and dopey but i like that but then females are more serious and things and i also like that.....hmmm im not quite sure how but BOTH!!!! :D
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    HEY!!! Wlecome :) Good thing you specified :P Hope You enjoy it here! I have a 3 year old black lab named Ebony! hope you learn something from the board!
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    american idol

    That was halarious and then her mom came in and they looked the same and simon was all like now i know where u get your inspiration from (or somthing like that) :p
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    CAT LOVERS UNITE!!! My own forum.

    what does it mean when u say that u dogged chaz?
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    Rocky's got to go back into surgery because on his ball a growth grew. Poor rocky :( *cries* Just felt like tellin u guys. (he had hip surgery cuz his ball wasnt in his socket)
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    Introducing Ken and his followers

    Hey Ken :) :) :) :)