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    Dog breeds not for the faint of heart or inexperianced

    Seems like I disturbed the beehive with all the comments from you guys and gals.:( You certainly can tell that i'm new and all what I've written are all purely based on my own personal experiences right? Whether or not you agree with it surely is affected by your knowledge from years of...
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    Happy Birthday Bamm Bamm!!!!

    Happy birthday Bamm2x and StillandSilent! Here's a cake for both of you!
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    What's the largest number of dogs you've had?

    I do think 3's the safest number of dogs to have. Less than that equals less fun. More than that, you'll struggle to have fun because there would be alot on your hands to handle.. :p
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    What's the largest number of dogs you've had?

    I have 2 at the moment but as I've grown fond of Toy Dogs, I must say I'm looking to have more! ;)
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    Attempt at pretty, round 2

    But the rock did made some shots look very good and pretty if you ask me! Nevertheless, your dog is.. :p
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    Stupidest question EVER

    It's good to have a laugh about name pronunciation once in a while! I can't imagine it being pronounced with a hard i, so 'f eel uh' it is for me. :p
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    Boston terrier having fun

    Definitely made me laugh, though I haven't experienced it myself like you guys did. MOOORE! :p
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    Chazhound Dogs - 1/52 VOTING

    LOL! Too bad I only got to see the thread today. But nevertheless, most(if not all) of the pics are HILARIOUS! But the best one's probably be #23 for me. :p
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    Scenery from hiking

    Wow! That must have been an amazing and soothing experience, I felt those just by looking at those pictures so I can imagine it'd be better for you. Would love to see more, probably on your next hike? My list of cameras to choose from has now been lengthen. :p
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    Puppy dog/dog socialization

    I believe this might help you mate, that is if you haven't read it already! Socializing Puppies I remember my 2 dogs as a pup, they did get along with other dogs at our place, though they only get to see a few, since our community have other preferences for their pets.
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    I want another Siberian husky

    Sort of reminds me about weighing the wants and needs in economics. lol If you really want to, then you'd do anything to safeguard that decision of having one.
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    Dog breeds not for the faint of heart or inexperianced

    Dogs are dogs, the breeds are irrelevant if you ask me. That's why you train them right? To make them do what you want them to do, simple as that and no starter/easy/hard/forexperienced or whatnots. How your dog behaves or become definitely is reflected by the trainer/owner.
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    Why does my poodle..

    I'd have to agree with that!:rofl1:
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    Osama dead.

    Hmm.. "Advance Interrogation Techniques"? I think I saw that from the movie Unthinkable! That is what you guys are talking about, right??
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    Fun with Clippers

    I never thought you can change a dog's breed by clipping them. Weird.