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    Tail Docking

    I never owned a pure breed, so this is why maybe I just don't get all the "beauty" stuff. I have 2 dogs took from the street. VERY mixed breed if I might say. And saved one who didn't even have fur months ago. And I loved him like crazy and still do. My reward now is that the "kid" is absolutely...
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    It P****s me off when someone else tried to discipline my dog

    I don't think that Junior would let ANYONE get him by the collar like that. And I would kick the living daylights of anyone trying to mistreat my dog. I have many people not come to my home anymore since they don't like dogs. Well, bad for them. I won't kick my dog out for them. many others...
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    Dogs in Romania

    The problem is that such programs are designed to work, but fail. The reason: HUGE corruption. We had a lot of charitable projects, even international ones (Brigitte Bardot comes to mind) who were here and tried something. But the money went for a new villa or an expensive car for some people...
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    Does your dog like to sunbathe?

    Mine loves the sun too .. we don't stay out too much, but he does like to sit and get a tan from time to time :D
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    How old were you?

    First kiss: 16 years old. First BF at 17. First time ... almost 20 (and he waited that long :D) We were together for 3 years and a half, still pals, even if we don't see each other.
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    People suck

    This is "normal" for some people in my country. You see so many dead cats and dogs on the roads sometimes .. don't know .. do they do this on purpose? Horrible indeed. I also wish these people a nice long stay with Hades for all I care
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    He's so hyper...will it never end?

    The dog I rescued 5 months ago was really too hyper .. but still funny. My dog is old (8 years old) and too calm.. the puppy was a bit harder to work with in the first days, but I enjoyed it. It reminded me of Juni when he was a puppy ;)
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    Dogs in Romania

    it is not my site... But I found it yesterday while indexing some romanian sites for my new directory. I was shocked, but yes, this it the situation in my country. Dogs in Romania There are very few charitable projects and we have almost no chance to survive or do something. They are...
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    Kudos to Chaz

    Agreed :) It's a great resource and an awesome community. As a forum owner myself I am pleased to see this level of quality :)
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    dogs who have overdosed on marijuana

    It's just horrible. I cannot imagine why they do this, but I many times the cruelty and plain stupidity of some humans are amazing :mad:
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    Yay! I did a good thing...

    You did a great thing. Raising awareness about what a dog breeding really means is something great. Too many people think that having a dog is very easy and then freak out when seeing what they've gotten into. The difference between your country and mine is that the dogs who are on the streets...
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    I feel like such a horrible person right now.

    I can see your reasons, but couldn't do this. Don't know .. you are surely not a bad person, but I just couldn't think of doing this ..
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    Ok another its that time of the month thread

    I am on the pill for some years and haven't had cramps all that time. I seem to have a lighter flow and sometimes don't even think about the fact I am on a period. I also use internal tampons and it's not as "ugly" as before.
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    Yahoo Question

    I use for some time. Don't need to install YAhoo IM. I can stay online in the site. Just hate installting YM and the toolbar
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    *rant* - GROOM YOUR DOGS!!

    my dog doesn't have a long fur, so taking care of him is quite easy. But I did see some "horror" looking doggies that weren't taken care off. I think that the owners need to realise that a specialist can help them when they don't know what to do, but the most important thing is DO something, not...